Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meet & Greet with Richard Yap a.k.a Papa Chen/Sir Chief (Part 2)

I still need a couple of hours sleep after a really tiring day at Brent International School yesterday but I am excited to finish my blog on Papa Chen today.  Its taking me awhile to get this done since our wi-fi connection has been having technical difficulties the whole morning.

Okay, as I said there were 15 winners of the backstage pass to meet with Richard Yap (Papa Chen/Sir Chief).  To those who are clueless as to who he is, he first starred in the romantic comedy "My Binondo Girl" which aired in 2011 playing the role of Chen Sy (Papa Chen), the lead character's (Kim Chiu) father.  Now he plays the role of a wealthy widower Richard "Sir Chief" Lim in daytime drama series entitled "Be Careful with my Heart" with Ms. Jodie Sta. Maria which aired in July 2012.  I had grown to love Richard Yap from Binondo Girl and somehow continue to enjoy watching him this time as Sir Chief.  I personally like the idea of having fresh new talents to watch even if they are already in their 40's rather than having the same actors and actresses over and over again.  That said, let's go as to how our meet and greet fared.

When we got to the Mall Administration office, I presented the printout of their official announcement with my name on it and ID.  After that we went to the lounge where 2 other winners were already waiting.  One winner was a mom like me accompanied by her son, the other winner was a young lady waiting for her mom.  Papa Chen and company arrived shortly after 2pm which was good because it means we have more time before the event. It did not take long before we were instructed to go to the conference room in sets of 4.  Ethan and I were the very first ones to meet Papa Chen.  The meeting was light, Mr. Yap was cool and very quiet (much like being in the principal's office).  Well, if Papa Chen is the principal to that effect, being in the principal's office is not so bad.
Our photo with Papa Chen/Sir Chief
courtesy of SM Center Las Piñas
Papa Chen signing our autograph book
(personal photo)
Autograph signed by Papa Chen/Sir Chief
(personal photo)
Ethan's solo with Papa Chen.
Meeting Papa Chen as I said was light and comfortable.  Even the kids were very much comfortable around him as he was not overwhelming.  He approaches people at a smooth pace and would just respond to their request.  I liked very much that he preferred to stand up to have his picture with us rather than be seated.  Ethan and I both liked that he was approachable, simple and just himself.

Our meet and greet spanned to about a minute I think.  Hahah!  I felt I was zapped into a time warp that I lost track of time.  Still in a trance, Ethan and I stepped out of the mall administration office, happy with our very wholesome experience with Papa Chen and ushered ourselves to the event venue.  Yup!  The meet and greet was not enough, we had to attend the event still and give support to Papa Chen especially now that we know a little more of how he is in person.

Though the reserved seats were not filled up, the venue was packed with people.  People, young and old crowded around the venue waiting for Papa Chen to arrive.  Ethan and I seated ourselves on the 4th row that was already assigned to us with smiles on our faces.  
Fans waiting for Papa Chen.  

Fans crowding at the right side of the stage to get a
closer glimpse of Papa Chen
It took awhile before the event started.  SM Center Las Piñas was having a hard time ushering in their celebrity to the stage because of the thick crowd blocking the way.  Most of the fans were mommies and their kids, and grandmas too!

photo courtesy of SM Center Las Piñas

Avid fan with her poster
(personal photo)

It took awhile for me to realize that at the side of the stage was the wife of Mr. Richard Yap (Ms. Melody Yap) and their daughter.  Ms. Melody Yap by the way appeared in "My Binondo Girl" too as the doctor bearing bad news of Papa Chen's health. Celebrities fondly call Mrs. Yap - Mama Chen.
Mr. Richard Yap's wife (Ms. Melody Yap) and daughter
at the side of the stage in full support of Papa Chen. 
Finally when Papa Chen was successfully ushered into the venue, the crowd cheered, the music started...the show was on!

Papa Chen blowing a kiss to his fans!

Sir Chief/Papa Chen rendered the fans 2 songs.  The music was too loud and overpowered his voice, but we did not care.  The other fans however clamored that the music be tuned down a little as they wanted to hear his voice more.

I love this angle of Sir Chief
To top the event, a chance for the fans who availed of the event pass to get a photo with him.  One of the first who went up the stage was a good friend of ours Shawcute of My Cute and Lovable Space. She had the chance to hug and kiss Papa Chen on the cheek!  

Ethan and I still went up to the stage after a few minutes but this time as part of another group.  As I said, most of the fans were moms and their kids.  This picture is a sample of that.

All's well that ends well.  The event was a success no matter how many problems the organizers may have encountered. Kudos to SM Center Las Piñas for this wonderful Meet and Greet with Papa Chen/Sir Chief.  And, thank you to Mr. Richard Yap (Papa Chen/Sir Chief) for gracing the event.  We shall continue watching "Be Careful with my Heart" and hope that you will have more projects.


  1. This is a wonderful entry Joyce and thanks for including my picture :)

    1. You're welcome Shawcute! Its always a pleasure to include your picture, your insights and link in my blog.