Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winnie the Pooh Theme 1st Birthday Party

Last March, mommy Tah (from Zamboanga) texted me to help her scout for a costume for her son's first bday.  After a series of shopping around to check the characters available, we ended up picking the classic Winnie the Pooh theme for the birthday party.  The pooh costume was not available in the malls here in the south area of the metro, but we did find one in Divisoria.  Since we were also working on a budget, all the other party favors had to be purchased from old reliable Divi.  Anyway, here's what we came out with.
Party hats from Divisoria Mall
Winnie the Pooh onesies from
168 mall Divisoria.
Its cotton and unpadded,
comfortable for a 1 year old,

The pooh coin purse for giveaways, lootbag and birthday banner we got
from Divisoria Mall
Not everything has to be bought for a party.  One great suggestion is to ask around from friends or relatives if they have party decors, cake topper/decors (like the one below) sitting around their shelves that they are willing to lend or perhaps give away.  You'll be surprised that they are more than willing to share their collected items especially if its for a baby's party.
The pooh cake topper here was sitting around the shelf of
Mommy Arlene.  I asked if she was willing to give it away, and she did!!!
Thanks Mommy Arlene!

The Happy Birthday candles were purchased from Japan Homecenter.

Here's how the cake and giveaway table looked like.

Finally, here's how the birthday celebrant looked like with his costume.
With him is cousin Nikko and Mommy Tah.
So that's it!  A Winnie the Pooh themed 1st birthday party!
We told Mommy Tah that shopping for baby Albreyn's birthday was such a pleasure 
and that we hoped they'd enjoy the party as much as we enjoyed shopping for her.

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