Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank You Global Art

During the Christmas holidays, Global Art launched the Gift of Art Promo with 5 Global Art Scholarships as major prizes and oil pastel sets as consolation prizes.  I joined the promo hoping to win an art scholarship for my son.  We did not win an art scholarship, but we managed to win an oil pastel set, yehey!

Our entry for the Gift of Art Promo

The cool oil pastel set for Ethan!!!

I claimed the prize about 2 weeks ago from Alabang Town Center where one of the scholarship winners Kyla is now taking her classes.  Thank you Global Art for the wonderful oil pastel set!

During my visit to Global Art ATC, I was given a tour of the facilities and was briefed through their Visual Art Curriculum.  Global Art is like Kumon for Art according to Ms. Summer who attended to me. There's the Foundation level (4-6 years old), Basic level (7-9 years old), Intermediate level (10-12 years old) and the Advanced level (13 and above).  They also have Acrylic Painting and Cartoon and comics classes.  G-clay and Handicrafts are also added somewhere during each term as an intermission from doing serious art work so to say.

Classes is open for adults too by the way.  I learned that their oldest student is 57 years old.  Seeing the progress of his work triggered the desire to enroll myself instead of my son.  Well, I did not enroll just yet, but I am definitely considering it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The 4th OFF Cup at ACC

The 4th OFF Youth Football Tournament or OFF Cup was held yesterday at the Alabang Country Club in Muntinlupa City.  The event is sponsored by SC Johnson, makers of OFF Lotion and organized by the Makati FC and Alabang FS in coordination with the NCR Youth Football Clubs Association and NCR Football Association.  There were 70 teams, 1000 players and 15 fields.  The event started at exactly 8am with Makati FC President Tomas Lozano and Area Director of ASEAN SC Johnson Mr. Miguel de Gracia who declared the tournament open.

List of teams who participated in this tournament.

Beautiful trophies for the winners.  MVP trophies are from Italy.

Mr. Miguel de Gracia of SC Johnson declaring the tournament open.

Gathering for the opening ceremonies.

That's my little one still learning to kick.  

Watched the match between Manresa and Alabang FS.

The stage for the awarding ceremonies.

I bought 2 bottles of OFF Overtime (Php112.00/bottle) at the OFF booth.
Pens and OFF Clean samples were given free.

Was not able to cover the awarding ceremonies that took place before 4pm.  My son and I had to go home and rest around 10am and we just came back around 3:30pm because of the heat. These are the winning teams that we were able to catch.
First Place for Boys 14 - Japanese FS
2nd Place Boys 14 - Tanauan FS1
3rd place Boys 14 - Tanauan FS2

Ethan making the most of the remaining few minutes of our stay at ACC.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mochi Poochi

Two weeks ago my sister was putting together her group's business plan for her CompSci subject at MaSci.  Its a business plan for "binatikoy" or "binalot na tikoy" (glutinous rice cake or mochi rolled in egg wrapper and deep fried).  Anyway, while my family and I were window shopping at Alabang Town Center that week, we also stumbled upon Mochi Poochi.  Mochi Poochi is glutinous rice cake with ice cream filling or is it the other way around, I can't remember!  Anyway, I did not have second thoughts on giving it a try because it was something new.  I tried out Avokatsu (avocado) and my son tried out Quesumi (cheese).  Both flavors were delicious and filling because of the rice cake.  The other flavors are Mochi Poochi (bubble gum), Choconara (chocolate), Pistokyo (pistachio), Black Ninyja (Black sesame), Matchamoto (green tea), Azuki Kabuki (red bean), Kofichi (Coffee) and Mangosama (mango).  I was so taken by the cute caricature of the flavors and their Japanese sounding names.  Mochi Poochi is Php50.00 a piece, a little on the expensive side according to my husband but its worth it.  Mochi Poochi can be found at ATC's activity center on weekends only.  I recently learned that yogurt flavors are now available.  Check it out!