Saturday, April 28, 2012

Divisoria Shopping for Mickey Mouse Giveaways

Hubby and I went to Divisoria today to purchase the giveaways for Ethan's birthday party.  Everyone knows that Divisoria is the premier place to purchase novelty items and party favors on a budget when in the Philippines.

Anyway, hubby and I reached Divisoria around 2pm.  Traffic was light, as well as the number of people shopping.  Light meaning you can work your way through the maze of alleys without getting stepped on or hit by anything. We went around Divisoria mall with ease scouting the items to purchase.  We easily found what we needed and head for home faster that it normally takes.  I assume that if we did the shopping next week, it would be a different scenario as people would start swarming in by then, in preparation for the start of the next schoolyear.

Anyway, we got great finds at Divisoria Mall, and they are as follows:

Mickey stickers Php5.00 each

Mickey & Minnie Coloring Book with Stickers
Php7.00 each

Mickey Mouse erasers
Php 80.00 for a 30pc pack

Mickey Bubbles Bottle
Php15.00 each

A closer look at the bubbles bottle.  Its so cute!

The bubbles bottle comes in 5 colors.
The following are what I call "fillers" because they are not in theme but will be added to the lootbag.

Colorful Tops P75.00/pad

Milk Dodo Php65.00 per 15pc pack

Toy whistle with candy Php100 per 30 pc pack
 Lastly, the Mickey Mouse lootbags to contain all the goodies!!!

Mickey Mouse bags Php10.00 each
All set for the birthday!  Whew!


  1. where did you buy all these? which pasilio?

  2. Sorry peaceandjoyz for the delay in reply. Anyway, am awfully sorry I could not remember which Pasilio I got the items. You really cannot find all the items in one Pasilio or even one mall in fact. You really have to go around awhile to scout for the items. The last character we scouted for is WInnie the Pooh and it was so hard to assemble giveaways that work together in such a theme. You should just be really patient in going around to find the goodies. Thanks for dropping by and leaving word. Good luck shopping!

  3. do you have a contact number sa divisoria???