Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eiga Sai: Japan Film Festival 2012

Eiga Sai (Film Festival) 2012 runs from July 5-15 at the Shangri-La Plaza here in Manila, and then it will go to Davao, Cebu and then back here in Manila.

There are 2 films out of the 10 that will be showing in this festival that captured my attention.  First is Colorful which is the only animated film this year.  It is a film about a spirit who is given a second chance at life in a body of a boy who committed suicide. I watched the trailer of this film on YouTube and the detailed animation has captured my heart.  The other film is Villain which is about a woman on a run with a murderer.  My sister was the one who initially took interest in this as I first had my thoughts on Happy Flight (a comedy), but when I had a glimpse of its trailer on YouTube, it looked like a really good film to watch given that the lead actress won an award for portrayal of her role Mitsuyo at the Montreal World Film Festival.

All films in the festival will be shown for FREE!

Click here for the Eiga Sai Flyer and Film Showing Schedules

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unlimited Crispy Pata???!

Photo borrowed
My friend Wyatt posted this and I am just drooling with delight!  Is this for real?  Well, let's wait and see.  This Unlimited Crispy Pata or deep friend pig knuckles with soy-vinegar dip will be coming soon at C2 Classic Cuisine at Greenhills.  C2 I learned is operated by the prestigious Cravings Group, and their head chef is Chef Oliver Gascon.

Philhealth Contribution Increase

I was at Philhealth Office today for my quarterly contributions and learned that monthly contributions of Php100 will be Php200 starting this July; Php600/quarter for IPM or Individually Paying Members.  Members can pay their premiums in advance for the remaining half of the year can do so (if they want to) at its regular/unchanged rate of P100 or Php300/quarter.  The 100% increase in premium has made me a little worried given that I feel that the Philhealth Discount Card they had launched a few months back is totally useless because of the very limited number of medicines that it covers, and that OTC's or over-the-counter drugs are not included.

Anyway, if you haven't paid your premium yet, you better do so until Friday, June 29.

UPDATE (June 28, 2012):
Went to Philhealth again today and while lining up for payment I learned that IPM's can make advance payments to 2014 at the same rate of P1,200/year.  Sadly, last day is tomorrow, June 29.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Greatest Filipino Football Player

Photo credits to

Long before we went crazy over football with the arrival of Phil and James Younghusband, there was already a Filipino who had become a legend in the field of football; and his name is Paulino Alcantara.

Yup folks!  Paulino Alcantara is a football legend.  He is popular by the moniker given to him "El Romperedes" or "The Net Breaker" after kicking the ball from a 30 yard distance to score a goal for his team and breaking the net.  Beat that!  All this happened in April 30, 1922 during a game between Spain and France.  Alcantara, being half Spanish and half Filipino played for Spain in that match.

Great reads on El Rompe Redes are as follows:
El Rompe Redes- Paulino Alcantara, The Greatest Player of All by John Paul Canonigo
History of Paulino Alcantara by Joey Capones

Monday, June 11, 2012

Melodious Babbler in our Neighborhood

Video credits to

I have long been wanting to write a blog about this wonderful bird, the Melodious Babbler (Malacopteron palawanense)   Although seldom seen, very camera shy when they do show up, these birds give out very beautiful songs.  I would often hear them seemingly serenading me at our bedroom window.  

For awhile I imagined this bird being the size of a dove or a pigeon, with beautiful plumage.  As it turns out, they're tiny birds with olive brown feathers.  They whistle a series of high and low pitch notes alternately, which to me is very beautiful (Just watch the video to see).  I have been trying to capture this magnificent bird in video or photo, but have failed over and over.  Thanks to with their video, I am able to share with you the beauty of this bird that is endemic to our country.

Tan Gatue and Philippine Flags

Happy Independence Day to all my kababayans out there!

Its the Philippines' 114th Independence Day today and flags are seen raised and displayed almost everywhere.  Have you ever wondered who makes all these flags?  I have always wondered who commercially manufactures our Philippine flags, especially the ones used for our government institutions and schools.

I do not know how many manufacturers there are out there, but I stumbled upon the family name Tan Gatue, a family that runs the Atlas Super Flags in Sta. Cruz, Manila.  According to history, this family of flag makers have been making flags since the late 1910.  To date,  Gregory D. Tan Gatue who runs Atlas Super Flags is the fourth generation of this company; his grandfather Alejandro Tan Gatue who came from China in 1903 was the one who pioneered this noble business. 

The flags made by this company is seen all over the country especially at SM Malls, one of their major clients.  Atlas Super Flags with their 102 years of flag-making experience has already earned accreditation from the National Historical Institute for their reliability in making Philippine flags.

By the way, did you know that the Philippine flag is the only flag in the world that is displayed upside down when the country is at war?  So kids, take note how it should be on top and red at the bottom.  If its the other way around, we are at war.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lorenzo's Time on ABS-CBN

SCENE 1:  "Hello, party line, pakibaba naman!"

SCENE 2:  "Hanep!  Telepono na nagsasalita!"

These are the 2 lines delivered by "May Bukas Pa"  child star Zaijan Jaranilla in a teaser ad seen playing these past few days over ABS-CBN.  This ad caught my attention and made me wonder what the new teleserye was all about.  Well, this ad is for the new teleserye that is expected to air on July 2, 2012 entitled Lorenzo's Time.  If the already concluded "Budoy" is about a mentally challenge individual, Lorenzo's Time is about a boy sticken with progeria or Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome.  Progeria is a rare disease here in the Philippines, only 2 reported cases in 2009 based on an article I read entitled Aging Fountain of Youth.

Anyway,  Lorenzo's Time is kinda' like the 1992 Mel Gibson film entitled "Forever Young,"(one of my favorite films) where a test pilot in 1939 asked his friend to freeze him (crogenics) for one year so he won't have to suffer watching his loveone lying in a coma.  Well, he ended up waking or being defrosted rather in 1992.  I do not know how long the lead character Lorenzo/Enzo (Zaijan Jaranilla) will be frozen in Lorenzo's Time; but as the storyline goes, he will wake up to see everyone aged except for himself.

The powercast of this teleserye are as follows:

Carmina Villaroel as Arlene
Diether Ocampo as Jeff
Gina Pareño as Lola Becky
Alfred Vargas as Ricky
Cherry Pie Picache as Marissa
Amy Austria as Celina
Ronaldo Valdez as Augusto
Joel Torre as Benito
Jewel Mische as Arriana

"Hindi kayo Pilipino" chant at Azkals game - What?!

While at the Azkals game last night, there really were some heated exchange of chants by Indonesian and Filipino fans at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.  Being seated at the opposite to where the Indonesian fans clustered themselves, we were hearing a low monotonous chant that we could not understand.  Our part of the stadium gleefully replied the chant with "Pilipinas!  Clap,Clap!  Clap,Clap! 

What we did not know was that the Indonesian fans were actually chanting "Hindi kayo Pilipino! (You are not Filipinos!)"  Kind of a weird chant for a football friendlies match ain't it not?  The Indonesian fans were really at an offensive and it is painful to learn that they have to resort to such a racist chant.  I am glad and proud however that the Pinoys who heard and understood this chant responded well with a "NO TO RACISM" banner.  Well, if our side of the stadium heard that, we would reply - "Walang ganyanan! (No doing that) Clap,Clap!  Clap! Clap!   Walang pikunan!  (Let's not piss each other off)  Clap!  Clap!  Clap! Clap!  Maglaro lang!  (Let's just play!)  Clap! Clap!  Clap! Clap!

Anyway, for those who do not understand the root of all this.  The Indonesian fans were actually hitting on our Azkal players who have mixed heritage.  Mixed heritage players are allowed to represent a national team in international competitions under FIFA Eligibility rules as long as he or she can prove ancestral links.  

Read more of it at Indonesian fans hurl racist abuse at Azkals by Jojo Malig

Monday, June 4, 2012

Off to Watch Philippines vs. Indonesia Football Match

Yesterday, my son and I claimed the 2 free tickets I won for the Philippine-Indonesia FIFA Friendlies Match happening today at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.  I won the tickets from the official website of the Philippine Azkals a few days ago, and boy are we all excited to watch the game.  Thanks again to Team Azkals for the free tickets!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The McDonald's Grand Graduation 2012 at WTC

The McDonald's Grand Graduation at the World Trade Center (Roxas Boulevard, Manila City) is the culminating activity for every McDonald's summer kiddie crew workshop.  For 2 hours, the kids get to play games McDonald style like the McFloat Bowling, McNuggets Hockey, McDolympics Football, Javelin French Fries and more!!!  There's the usual giant inflatable slide and Double Arch Bounce my son loves.  For those who do not like too much action, there's the face painting booth, the photo booth and the toy bazaar booth for the value meal toys you may have missed.  And for those who prefer to eat, food is available at the McDonald's counter.

I Won Tickets!

Luck is at my side these past few days as I won complimentary tickets from BallersPinas to the 3rd Megabrand Sale at the World Trade Center.  Thanks BallersPinas for the tickets!

I also won 2 tickets to the Philippine Askals vs.Indonesia game on June 5, 2012 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, yehey!!!  Thank you Team Azkals for the Free Tickets!