Monday, May 16, 2011

Jamaicah De Dios - Our Day Care Center's Precious Jewel

Within our city's public day care centers are precious jewels to our community.  Equipped with passion for service and the love for children are our day care workers whose job entails teaching the fundamentals of education, a continuation of a child's training outside the walls of home, and preparing them for formal education .  A day care worker's job is not a walk in the park, work starts are 8am and usually ends around 4 in the afternoon.  For Mrs. Jamaicah de Dios or teacher Maicah as we fondly call her, reporting to the daycare center is already a way of life.  She welcomes each day with immeasureable enthusiasm and energy that extends all the way to her afternoon session.  She handles 3 sessions of preschool kids ages 3-5 years old and watching her go about her lessons is impressively inspiring.

I have been fortunate to observe teacher Maicah for an entire schoolyear as she teaches my son Ethan who is 5 years old.  My son has learned to read and his writing has well improved.  Their subjects for afternoon session is Writing, Filipino, Math and Reading; occasionally they also have art sessions.  Amongst the many activities for the schoolyear were the Nutrition month celebration, the Paligsining where my son Ethan was privileged to participate in, an Educational Field trip where Enchanted Kingdom was the biggest treat, there's their Christmas party loaded with fun and surprises; and as a finale, their recognition day and graduation.  All these activities under the valuable leadership of teacher Maicah.

Teacher Maicah has been awarded Most Outstanding Day Care Worker by DSWD for the City of Las Piñas in 2009 and holds her title to date.  She has also been awarded Most Outstanding Day Care Worker by Barangay Pamplona Dos, City of Las Piñas in 2010.  The Pamplona Dos Day Care Center has been accredited by DSWD with a very satisfactory mark in compliance to their standards in June of 2010.

Truly an invaluable asset to our community for her service and dedication.  Hats off to teacher Maicah...we salute you!  My family may not be able to compensate monetarily the love, compassion, teaching and mentoring of our son, rest assured you have made a big mark in our lives and shall be constantly in our prayers.

Recycling Centers: Where are you?

In the advent of recycling and consciousness of helping the environment by reducing waste or segregating waste, I have been wondering where around Las Piñas city are recycling centers or junk shops where one can bring their recyclables.  I know that the local government brags of recycling areas in barangays but I decided to check out through the net if there are centers listed for easy finding in case one may be interested to bring their junk or scap materials personally.  I then stumbled upon papemelroti's website stated below which has a list of recycling centers and junk shops compiled by Planet Patrol Members.  Indeed Las Piñas was listed there but when I checked, there was not a single recycling center or junk shop listed under Las Piñas which is utterly disappointing.  No wonder the local mambobote or scrap collector is so picky.  Yes, picky!!!  They actually pick the scrap they would collect!  They do not buy broken plastic pieces, do not buy soiled PET bottles, and they do not accept cans except for the aluminum cans used for softdrinks.  I learned from a cousin residing in Makati that in their area, everything I just mentioned plus white paper and carton boxes are bought by junk shops.  Makati residents are so lucky then.  I just wonder when the LGU of Las Piñas would actually post where the recycling centers and junk shops are.

Anyway, as added info for myself especially, I have pasted the following info on waste trading markets in the Las Pinas area.

Waste Trading Markets
Every third Friday of the month at the Alabang Town Center (Alabang - Zapote Rd).
Every first Friday to Saturday of the month at SM Trash to Cash, 8 AM to 2 PM at all SM Supermalls.

Trade scrap paper for new (office/ mimeo) paper!Trade used ink cartridges for new!
Sell your electronic waste (junk computers) and old / broken appliances
Sell your used lead acid batteries
Redeem the following for cash: PET plastic bottles and other plastics, aluminum/tin cans, scrap glass
Drop off points also provided for junk cellphones/ cellphone batteries/ styrofoam

The Waste Markets aim to make recycling convenient and accessible,
especially for those who frequent commercial shopping areas, and also
to show that Filipinos CAN make recycling a habit!

Please help spread the word and forward this announcement to friends, family and colleagues.

For more information, contact Nancy Pilien at the Phil. Business for the Environment
Tel: 6352650.

Philippine Business for the Environment (PBE)
2F DAP Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig City
Tel: (63-2)635.3670 / (63-2)635.2650 to 51
Fax: (63-2)631.5714
CP: 0917.405.9265
Email: ph

Nasaan Na Ba Si Elisa?

Seems that the said telenovela "Nasaan Ka Elisa?" has been delaying its airing for the longest time for what reason?  i do not know.  I remember ads being aired December of 2010 stating "malapit na."  Wow!  Six months is not malapit na ano?  I personally forgot about this telenovela until I got bored with Imortal and Mutya, got confused with Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and totally lost interest with the rest of the telenovelas since I can only take so much violence in my tv viewing time.  I asked myself, are there any better shows lined up by ABS-CBN and remembered that there was a "Nasaan Ka Elisa" that the network may have forgotten to air.  I research online and stumbled upon an article from SunStar by Glaiza Jarloc dated May 2,2011 stating that the said teleserye is still pushing through and is in fact still taping.  Taping?!  Talaga lang ha!  It was said that the production team is meticulous with their work and that they are focused in really making it good.  Well I just hope so.  So far I have not really been blown away with any projects ABS-CBN has produced lately.  They have packed primetime with teleseryes that is so loaded with heavy drama and redundant violent storylines that there is nothing to look forward to.  I wonder when they can come up with materials like "May Bukas Pa" where people can watch and have a "feel good" feeling after watching the show.  "May Bukas Pa"  was a good teleserye because of the light scenes that may bring one tears yet have one's heart and mind enlightened.  It was also very good influence to people especially kids as Santino effectively played a good role model in getting kids to pray.  I expected "Mutya" to have the same effect but ended up pitying the kid and all the other casts in merman/mermaid suits who appear awkward or freezing during takes near water.  Anyway, back to "Nasaan Ka Elisa," given that the production crew gave word that they are doing a good job making the project really good for the viewing public, my expectations will be high- I just hope it won't turn out fabulous only at first like "Panday" and then towards the end a big flop.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Celebration at SM Center Las Piñas: A Review

The SM Easter Basket. 
Rating for the Easter Celebration is 3 stars.  It was so lame that there were only 4 participants and there were 3 categories for the Easter Bunny costume contest.  I attended last year's Easter celebration here as well and there were a relevant number of participants.  I guess the failure begins with the lack of information dissemination, or probably the delay in informing the community of the activities.  I scout early for activities I can schedule my kid to join in so I can prepare early.  I actually even requested that they post their Holy Week Schedule and Easter Celebration activities posted on Facebook. The information booth should at least have flyers or even just one poster with all the information needed weeks ahead of the activity so people can see what SM Center has in store for a certain celebration.

As for the rest, that is where the 3 stars came from.  The Easter basket and bunny ears was a remarkable change from last year's.  My son loved the bunny ears that he wore it even at home.  The Easter egg hunt was same as last year but with fewer eggs to collect and smaller ones too.  Nevertheless, I think it was just fine since the candies inside the eggs were much better that last year's boring chocolates. The stage and decor were great.  I loved that the stage was filled with lavender, pink and yellow balloons.  The idea of the photo area and the big easter egg was a beautiful idea.  The clown as a host was effective, and was in fact very good at what he was doing.  The games were an effective way to buy time and was very fun and entertaining.  The spot the egg contest and the egg in the jar was fun but there was no thrill in the announcement of winners which made me speculate that there was already a ready winner.  What made me further speculate was how the winners reacted when their names were called.  Well, if my son's name would have been called, I would surely be surprised.  The kids who won however did not display any sign of excitement or thrill that they won.  Hmmmm....this was really suspicious...tsk! tsk!  Oh well, at least my son and I enjoyed going around and counting those eggs.  The puppet show came in as a bit drag to me but the kids seem to like it so what the heck!  The puppeteer turned magician was great as I was impressed of his energy level and flexibility.  The magic tricks were not fantabulous but enough to impress the little kids and some adults like me who thinks like a kid.  And lastly the SM Photo booth was great.  My kid and I got the chance to be fun and looney trying hats and wigs and have our picture taken even if the line was long, we had to change headgear within 10 seconds and have a ready smile for the next 2 shots, and the man that handed us our photo looked like a character from Pirates of the Carribean because he does not know how to smile.  Oh yeah, last but not the least...there were also 2 lady bunnies that sealed the detail of the celebration and the really big pink Easter bunny.