Tan’aw is a Cebuano word that means “to view” or “to look.” It started as a label for a slideshow of the author's family's 1 year stay in Davao back in 2007.  It was first used in a blog on the same year in Friendster and was later on transferred to Blogger in 2010.


The author is a stay-at-home mom from the Philippines. By nature an introvert, but her hubby and son are capable of bringing out the extrovert in her.  Her day revolves around doing mommy stuff but occasionally she can get away to shop, do crafts or just be by herself taking pictures of whatever wherever.  She does not own a DSLR and says that she still uses a miniscule 10 megapixel digicam that has been with her for 5 years already. She loves photography and her biggest dream at the moment is to be a professional photographer.

The blog is a piece of everything in her life:  family, thoughts, things she cares about, as well as the simple, (sometimes sleepy, sometimes exciting) world she move in. Her chronicles are random, no specifics, just a story of whatever a mommy experiences, mommy likes, mommy interests, one day at a time.

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