Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ethan's 7th Birthday at McDonald's Las Piñas

Ethan's birthday is actually May 8 which falls on a Tuesday this year.  Since his wish was to celebrate his birthday with friends and classmates, we decided to move his celebration to a weekend.  We eventually picked May 13(Sunday) when most parents are available to bring their kids or join them for the celebration and also for the reason that its Mother's Day.  

Our family is very small, thus to have more guests, classmates and friends are required.  The problem with RSVP's here in the Philippines is that, people do not really call/text to confirm or decline the invitation.  To make sure there would be enough number of kids present on my son's birthday, I had to make reminders and calls to every family we sent out invitations to.  Sadly, most of my relatives who confirmed are the ones who did not make it on the day mostly because of work related reasons.

Anyway, the important thing is that one way or another we were able to present our unico hijo with a fun party as he requested.

The Welcome Poster as you enter the party venue.

The party venue spic-n-span when we arrived.

The Mickey Mouse lootbags.   
We could only display a few because they can't all fit in the tiny round table.  I initially wanted the lootbags Cindy of All About Family bought for her daughter's birthday party.  But when hubby and I went to Divisoria, we were drawn to these lootbags instead.  Ethan loved the lootbags, so right decision made.

The party hat. Hmmm...why didn't I think of taking a picture of the tray mat as well.
The birthday cake. 
It turns out that we made the right decision ordering the cake from McDonald's.  Aside from the convenience of not having to pick-up the cake ourselves from Red Ribbon or Goldilocks, the cake was really good!  Our family was surprised that the cake was moist and mildly sweet, kinda' the home-sweet-home feel for a cake.  Its icing was different too as it was not too sweet or buttery and it had very good consistency.  I know the cake lacked flair because of the absence of fancy decors, but Ethan loved it and ate most of it.

The party boy sporting his Mickey Mouse tie.

The party started when most of the guests arrived.  There was actually another party with the same theme happening next door so our emcee really had to bring her voice up a little louder for us especially the kids to hear her even with a PA system.  The games were fun and enjoyable.  I particularly loved the Bring Me game where the paper boat and paper plane making skills of every parent had to be unleashed.

The kids lining up for the games
The kids in action for the Cinderella's shoe game

The longest line game

Getting ready for the Bring Me game

The big kids (heheh) getting ready for the WOW! relay.

Ronald and the Gang with Ethan and his classmates

Our Family Picture
The McDonald's Staff serving the food

The party guests tuning down to enjoy their McDonald's Happy meal

The birthday celebrant as he blows the candles on his cake.
Giving away the lootbags.

The party ended a little past 6pm.  Overall, the party was a success.  The kids said they enjoyed and the mommies and daddies seemed happy as well.  Ethan rated his party with 5 stars, saying he had a good time. We thank the McDonald's staff for their effort in helping us make this party a great one for Ethan.  We also thank all our guests who took time to join us in this celebration.  More than their gifts, their presence was greatly appreciated by Jay, Ethan and I.  For those who had not been able to make it, but had sent their greetings, our sincerest thanks to all of you as well.

Before I close, just so you peeps would know, McDonald's will be changing their party themes come June of this year.  I heard that Spongebob will be one of the new party themes to replace Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Disney's Princesses.

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