Saturday, October 27, 2012

A BowWOW Halloween

Are you a doggy lover?  Well, if you are, you would have enjoyed watching the Bowow-wacky Halloween costume contest at the SM Center Las Piñas yesterday October 27.  The activity area was packed with adorable pooches of all sorts and sizes adorned in their Halloween costumes!  

I have animal dander allergies, my nose starts itching at the sight of a furry animal but I enjoyed this event very much (thanks to Allerta).  We were not able to enter the main stage area because we were not participants in the event, but Ethan and I found a good spot at the side of the stage where we could capture photos of our furry friends just being themselves.  Ethan even had the chance to interact with a few of them, especially the tiny ones that were just so adorable.

Here are some of the photos we were able to take.

These are one of my favorite dog breeds.  Left:  Pomeranian in what appears to be a red Danish costume.
Right:  Siberian Husky dressed up as the wold in granny costume.  its handler is wearing the Red Riding Hood costume.
They were both so cute and adorable.
Captured this really cute moment when they were taking a picture of the Siberian Husky on stage.  She started sniffing on the camera, probably wondering..."is that good enough to eat?"

The tiniest entry is this pup.  Its owner was even kind enough to pose for this photo.  She was not at all intimidated by all the other contestants and proudly presented her pet to the judges and the audience with grace.
They were able to take home some prizes...from a game I think (was not paying attention at that time heheh!)  Anyway, so glad they won some goodies.

This entry was really scary for me.  The heads hanging at the side of the dog were realistic.
Sadly, they were not able to bring home a prize.

And the winners are!!!

This was the most colorful entry.  The handler's Mardi Gras costume even matched the enormous gown the dog was wearing.
This entry was well prepared with all the props that came along with this adorable dachshund that did not fret a bit.  She may have yawned a couple of times, but never once complained.  At first glance of the pile, I actually wondered "Where's the dog?"  Anyway, they won a well deserved 2nd place.

Well prepared entry too.  Fascinated as to how the costume was crafted costume-fit to the dog.  Ang galing!!!  Di rin nag-complain and doggy.  He was well behaved the entire show!
Clap! Clap! Clap!  to the SM Center Las Piñas Management for a successful pre-Halloween activity.

My Little Viking

What had I been preoccupied with the past few days?  It's my son's Halloween costume.  It is not really all about celebrating Halloween, but the fun of dressing up in a costume that excites my little boy.  This year he wants to be a Viking or a Celtic warrior.  It started out when we found this really cool toy sword and Viking headgear at the Megamall sale last weekend. Both were at drop down prices, so I could not resist...we made the purchase.  

Now the problem was the costume itself.  I searched the internet for some DIY ideas hoping I can pull something out from what's already available here at home.  Yep, there was something I could do, but there were still some elements lacking.  When there's a project like this in mind, I can't seem to settle down until I get something working.  We went to the mall to see if there was something that comes close to a Viking warrior, but they only had one for girls...unbelievable!!!  

Anyway, today we went back to the mall again because I figured, why not just buy a ninja costume and work from there, right?!  A ninja costume is basic black, with a couple of add-ons it can work as a viking costume.  Anyway, here's how it turned out to be.  Tadaaaah!  

Note that the brown bib-like thingy he is wearing is made from one of 4 dishtowels I bought from Ace Hardware.  The sword sheath I intended to make out of a synthetic leather material but I could not find any available, so I just settled for scrap fabric lying around the sewing box and some cardboard.  The belt to carry the sword with is made from an old belt I have not been using anymore.  The dragon I borrowed from his Roman Soldier Breastplate.  Here's a closer look at the sword sheath.

So there you have it, a happy little Viking! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Feast Day 2012

Last October 14 (Sun) was the Our Lady of Fatima Parish (Las Piñas) Feast Day. We usually attend the 3:30pm mass on Sundays, it so happened that on this Sunday it is also the Fiesta Mass.  Rev. Father Jesse Mercado, D.D. was the mass presenter enjoined by the priest's of the Our Lady of Fatima parish.  Allow me to share with you that blessed day through pictures.

We got to church at 3:00pm, early enough to be able to visit the Adoracion chapel to pray and later find ourselves a good seat inside the church.  The extra time also allowed me to take some pictures inside the church while waiting.  Outside, those participating in the procession later were already setting up and getting ready.

The mass started at exactly 3:30pm.  Mass presider was Rev. Father Jesse Mercado, D.D.  The Gospel reading was taken from the book of Mark 10:17-30 (The Rich Man).

He was setting out on a journey when a man ran up, knelt before him and put this question to him, 'Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?' 

Jesus said to him, 'Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.  You know the commandments: You shall not kill; You shall not commit adultery; You shall not steal; You shall not give false witness; You shall not defraud; Honour your father and mother.'

And he said to him, 'Master, I have kept all these since my earliest days.'  Jesus looked steadily at him and he was filled with love for him, and he said, 'You need to do one thing more. Go and sell what you own and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.  'But his face fell at these words and he went away sad, for he was a man of great wealth.

Jesus looked round and said to his disciples, 'How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God!'  The disciples were astounded by these words, but Jesus insisted, 'My children,' he said to them, 'how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God!  It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for someone rich to enter the kingdom of God.'  They were more astonished than ever, saying to one another, 'In that case, who can be saved?'  

Jesus gazed at them and said, 'By human resources it is impossible, but not for God: because for God everything is possible.'  Peter took this up. 'Look,' he said to him, 'we have left everything and followed you.'  Jesus said, 'In truth I tell you, there is no one who has left house, brothers, sisters, mother, father, children or land for my sake and for the sake of the gospel who will not receive a hundred times as much, houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and land -- and persecutions too -- now in this present time and, in the world to come, eternal life.

My personal reflection:

As I listened intently on the Gospel and Homily, two words that had been repeated several times, stuck to my mind,  "Letting Go."  The Gospel reading was all about letting go of our worldly possessions to follow God.  It was a challenge for all Christians and Catholics.  But I see the words in some other way.  

God loves all of us intensely.  The rich man was a good man and God saw that, and was happy that the man wanted to do more, go further than what he had already been practicing all his life to please God.  Jesus presented him an offer:  sell all that he has, give it to the poor and then follow him.  The man at that particular moment was probably torn to millions of pieces at the choice he had to made.  With a heavy head, he turned around, walked away...sad, probably embarrassed that it was one thing he could not do.

I have already heard of some people who have given up their good life to live a Ministry of Service in Jesus.  To be a man or woman of God is shedding the world, to be clothed anew in His light.  The offer is difficult, but the choice is simple. We have to be 100% for Christ!  We cannot follow God and live a life of worldliness at the same time. Father Jesse Mercado said:  "If we want live a life of happiness, let God be first, others second, and ourselves last in our priorities."  

I admit that I am still like that rich man (not that I am rich), but that it is still hard shedding off all the worldly possessions.  I have my share of letting go numerous times in my past and until now I am a work in progress.   Self denial is hard!   Letting go may come as a complete turn-around for others, but for me...its kinda' piece by piece.  So, I continually pray.  Pray!  Pray!  Pray!


Anyway, back to more pics on the feast day.

I love the inviting colors one can see in the parade.

The beautiful smiles add adornment to the vibrant colors pink and orange.

Music added a festive beat.

These ladies danced to that beat.  Pick up `em dancing shoes, its a fiesta!!!

Happy Feast Day Our Lady of Fatima Parish!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Balik-tanaw: Past Octobers

October is the time of the year where kids can dress up in costumes on 2 occasions!  Yup!  United Nations Day, and the much awaited Trick or Treatin' Halloween.

United Nations Days is held every October 24.  My son's first UN Day Parade was in 2009 at Claret College of Isabela.  He represented Singapore back then.  I put together a costume for him using a cousin's black robe, green pant's from his surgeon costume, a black shark hat, a sash and flag.  It was honestly a total disaster because the robe was too big for him, the green pants did not work with the robe, and the shark hat was not in any way a Singaporean symbol (stooooopid me!- Diba dapat Lion's head!  Waaah!)  Anyway, we were able to pull it off, my son had fun with all the other kids and their dignified costumes.  I can't seem to find a single picture of that said UN Day Parade.  Oh well, maybe it was meant to be lost.

On his 2nd United Nation's Day parade in 2010, things were better (bumawi ako!)  I figured he had to really look cool and stylish kaya France and nirepresent niya.  I even made an Eiffel tower that lights up at a turn of  a switch. The venue was also great cause the kids paraded around the mall.  Ethan did not win any prizes, but he looked spectacular...and he had fun!

Halloween is fun!  Its not only the kids that get to have fun on Halloweent, teens and adults too!  When Ethan turned 5, we had the chance to participate in the SM Center Las Piñas Halloween activity.  It was the right age for Ethan because he already understands that the other frightening creatures are kids in costumes as well.  It was a great chance for him to mingle with other little monsters like him.

His first Halloween costume was a wizard.  I made his costume from leftover fabric lying around the house. It took me about a week putting pieces together until I finally came up with something that can pass for a costume. That's with the use of Home Economics skills I dug up all dusty inside a baul (treasure chest). I also made his wizard wand from a broken lighting toy and some beads.  To complete his gear, I bought a purple wizard's hat and a pumpkin bucket for his goodies.

That smile!  Diba priceless???

In 2011, Ethan was undecided whether he'd be Count dracula, a phantom, a zombie or Mr. Pumpkinhead.  Solution, be all of them!!!

Mulagat ni Count Dracula
Phantom with cute lips

Hahaha!  Halloween is sooo much fun!  It's a bonding time for family and a chance to release that animal in you.  Get a load of Ethan with his Tita Jolene having fun making faces after playing with face paint.

Overall, October is a time to get together with family during these 2 events.  Its a chance to make beautiful memories with kids especially when they still love and enjoy to dress up in costumes.  Its a chance to make the most of a child's cuteness, and take lots of photographs to treasure.

Our family looks forward to many fun Octobers to come.  We may not be in costumes this year (or maybe not)...we will try to make the most of it.

Happy October everyone!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Agrilink 2012 and Carinderia Fiesta 2 (Part 2 of 2)

Carinderia Fiesta 2

I have mentioned in part 1 of this blog that my minuscule camera was already malfunctioning, so I do not have as much pictures on the Carinderia Fiesta.  It was such a disappointment since the Carinderia Fiesta Expo had a festive ambiance that is picture worthy.  Anyway, let me share with you what I have captured.

As we entered the tent, the large letters that spelled
There was also a marching band on the right playing fiesta music.

Large colorful balloons adorned the entrance grounds.

After registering, we worked our way through a corridor with pictures of
people and their success stories in the food industry.  

Inside, its like being at a fiesta.  There's food everywhere!  There are also games at the back of the event venue and cooking demo at the main stage.  I learned that there's a cooking competition and a carinderia queen competition.  

People in large groups mostly loitered the event area.  Families, barkadas, students can be seen eating, playing games, or just hanging out. Ethan and I did not stay long.  After trying out San Mig's Chocochino, we decided to leave.  I actually wanted to try some of the food at the venue but decided to pass since my little boy was craving for a Hawaiian Supreme Pan Pizza.

Next stop...Pizza Hut MOA!
`Til next time everyone!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Agrilink 2012 and Carinderia Fiesta 2 (Part 1 of 2)

Another busy weekend for me, with my little bodyguard tagging along.  Where were we off to?  The Agrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink 2012 at the World Trade Center and the Carinderia Fiesta 2 at the World Trade Center tent.  I was instructed by hubby to gather materials from him at the Agrilink; something he does almost every year if he's around.  This year, we had to do the work for him as he is busy in CDO.  Our initial plan was just to attend Agrilink, but last night my friend Shawcute posted about the Carinderia Fiesta Expo at the WTC tent; so we decided to check that out too.

Since I had my little boy was with me, I decided to make the trip more appealing to him.  I told him we were having an educational field trip.  We were gathering materials for his Papa and if we were lucky, we may see some farm and aquatic animals too.  We got to the WTC grounds around 9:30am and was lucky to still find available parking space as the place was really packed.

The educational field trip buses of Isabela State University

This is a portion of what you'd see of the outdoor exhibits
from the main entrance of the WTC.

First we checked out the outdoor exhibits.  Lo and behold!  Lots of animals were on exhibit this year!  My son's eyes feasted on the sight of an American Brahman, mountain goats, sheep, turkeys, pot bellied pigs, chickens, pigeons, rabbits, ponies, greyhound puppies and more!  It was like going to a petting zoo.

Abalos and Sons Agro-Industrial Corporation
Its at this tent that we were able to see the American Brahman
American Brahman


More goats


Albino peafowls???  I'm not sure...

A pony.  Petrang Kabayo according to Ethan.
We also saw the 1000 finger banana plant which grows up to 8 to 10 feet producing approximately 2 inch 1000 finger bananas.  The plant is for sale at P1,500 a piece.

We also saw this interesting vine-like tomato.  Failed to ask more about this and there was no brochure available.

There were still more to see, I actually wanted to dig deeper into each stall or booth, but the smell of the animals and the heat was already too much for Ethan and he asked if we could go to the exhibits at the air-conditioned area.  So we proceeded to the rest of the venue at the main building.

Registration booth.  Admission is FREE

The exhibit hall entrance.  We stood here awhile because it was still closed.
When we got inside the exhibit hall, we decided to check out all the booths at the right and then work our way towards the left.  We played games at some booths where one can win giveaways like foldable fans, calendars, face towels, shirts, etc.  We were able to win some prizes but not as lucky as my husband who was able to win a 3 layer Mecol multipurpose organizer at the Makina Saka 2012 last July.  Well, that was not what we were here for anyway. We were haapy that there was so much to see and so much to learn!  
At the Farmer's Contact Center booth where one can get lots of agriculture reading materials
if you want to grow certain crops or raise livestock. 

Storm proof-rope framed fish cages

MacPlus booth.  I like the tunnel film idea in growing alugbati.
At this point, my poor overworked 10 megapixel digicam is already starting to malfunction.  I still took pictures but the camera keeps on showing CARD ERROR.  (Shucks!)  That being the case, we decided to check out the Carinderia Expo hoping my camera still has some life left to capture a photo or two.

PART 2 (Carinderia Fiesta 2012)to be continued...