Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party: Celebrant's clothes and giveaways

Its 3 weeks away to my son’s birthday party at McDonald’s and I am excited as he is.  About 3 weeks ago we had been contemplating on his attire for the party.  As we were shopping at Landmark I saw a Mickey Mouse tie and a Mickey Mouse cap that were both so cute!  No second thoughts, I bought both of them.

Mickey Mouse tie P199.95
from The Landmark (Makati, Philippines)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cap Php299.99
 from the Landmark (Makati, Philippines)
For giveaways, I came up with this.  Its a metal die-cast car from SM Center worth P30.00 and I just wrapped it with plastic floral wrap and placed a customized sticker I made myself. 

My box of giveaways.  The red box that says Chocolate is from SM Southmall
and it is actually a box of erasers worth P40.00.
I just attached my customized sticker and tadahhh...Mickey Mouse giveaway!

Yesterday, Ethan and I decided to go to Festival Mall Alabang to scout for an extra shirt for him to wear for his birthday and additional stuff for his giveaways. This is what we found:

Mickey Mouse red shirt Php 499.75
from Robinson's Festival Mall

Mickey Mouse blue collared shirt Php 599.75
from Robinson's Festival Mall

Mickey Mouse red hanky Php 49.75 each and
Mickey Mouse pencils Php 49.75/pack from
Robinson's Festival Mall

Since May 13 is also Mother's Day, 2 moms will be winning a Mickey Mouse keychain I got from Daiso Japan Home.
Mickey Mouse keychain Php 66.00 from
Daiso Japan Home, Festival Mall

I so love this badge for Ethan to identify him as the birthday boy since
most our guests are non-relatives.  Ethan loves this badge too.
He says, "It's like I got a special award!"
Php 66.00 from Daiso Japan Home
This isn't over yet as I am still on a lookout for cool lootbags for the giveaways. wondering when co-blogger Cindy would respond to my queries.  Siya kasi ang may alam saan mabibili yung PVC tab-top box bag.  She bought it for her daughter's bday party last April 14 and it was sooooo cute! 


  1. Hi Ms. Joiz,

    Sorry for not responding to your query kasi nasira yung pc namin. I sent you a message in FB but i dont know kung nabasa mo. Anyway, maganda rin yung nabili mo na lootbags, at least pasok pa rin sa theme pati mga giveaways mo :)

    Anyway, happy birthday to Ethan :)

    1. Hello Cindy!

      This week had been awfully packed kaya sorry I had not been able to reply sooner. After reading your comment here, I checked out my FB account to read your PM and give you a reply.

    2. Thanks for the greeting by the way, said Ethan. Humabol pa eh.

  2. My friend's baby is turning 1 this October and a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party is on top list. The very reason why I decided to make a collection of this amazing party ideas. I hope it would be okay to list some of your ideas on my compilation? Please say yes. Nice stuffs in here and thanks for sharing.
    God bless always!

    1. Hello Meow Opre! Sorry I hadn't been online that much these days, thus the super delay in the reply. I guess it is okay to list my ideas on your compilation, and I am happy you found some nice stuff you can use on my blog. God bless you too!