Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Enjoying My Saturday

My weekend-o-phobia is finally dissipating, thanks to hubby and my son who got out of the house and allowed me to sleep to my heart's content.  I woke up around 11am, rejuvenated and craving for halo-halo which I dreamed of.  Thank goodness the nightmare about my niece coming over has stopped.  What a relief!!!  Whew!

After a long shower, I lounged around the bedroom awhile and got online to check out the world.  My blogger friend of My Cute and Lovable Life is celebrating her birthday today and I pried her about a birthday blog.  I noticed that her first post was about the death of Sylvester Stallone's son and told her that I hope that was not her birthday blog (jokingly).  I also stumbled upon an illustration of how to make a paper plane with a longer than usual flight duration from  I followed the illustration and made a plane for Ethan.  I found the activity relaxing and would want to photograph each stage of the illustration I made but I can't seen to find my camera anywhere.  Instead, I tested how well it flies.  Swoosh....swoosh...(being like a 3 year old)...yup, I am satisfied.

Photo from The Great Solid Paper Airplanes

Then, there's my son calling from his Dad's office asking me what I was for pasalubong.  I told him I wanted halo-halo but he disapproved saying it would only melt before they get home, so I settled on California maki instead. But they promised me we'd have halo-halo at Razon's later this afternoon. After that I got real time text messages on their whereabouts and what they were doing.

Later on I will start making reviewers again for Science, Math. Filipino and English.  When Ethan gets back, he has quite a load of things to do.

For now, I am just taking things easy.  I'll fly my plane again....Swoosh!

The OC Me and Weekend-o-phobia

I admit it...I am a neat freak. There is a certain order in our home and everyday life that needs to be maintained to avoid me going crazy,  I follow a certain routine of work and if that routine gets broken, I panic.  For minor disruptions, I have learned to cope;  for major ones however, like unannounced visits from nephews and nieces (especially the bratty ones)...DISASTER!

I have not been able to blog as much lately because I encountered a major backlog in my routine as a result of a DISASTROUS weekend where we had guests, one group even stayed overnight and it was my son's diagnostic exam at school the Monday after that. I was already having some trouble before that because of piling laundry due to a series of rainy days, my son having colds off and on (a prelude to asthma), hubby coming home late because of terrible traffic and having to work on a very tight budget.  Having guests staying for the weekend was one thing I did not need that time as I certainly felt I already needed a breather.  Anyway, I survived that weekend but was in a very bad mood the week entire week after because I had to work double time on everything especially in reviewing my son for his exams.  My son and I even had this moment when I was feeling really overwhelmed and frustrated with the topics we still needed to cover and he said, "Bakit sila (referring to his cousins), parang di sila nag-eexam?!  Hindi ba sila nag-aaral?"  Yeah right, I even asked that to myself.  With the frequency of my niece and nephew coming over, it felt they had no school at all.  I was not able to answer my son's question.  It was okay for him I guess since he did not pry the question on me again.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law texted me if I could do her a favor.  I read her text 5 hours after before actually getting it because I was all over the house, no time to check my phone.  I went on a shutdown mode after reading her text.  It was as if my brain was having difficulty processing the information.  I also felt a sense of panic and then my brain starting flooding with "What ifs."  At that very time, it was so hard to me to provide a reply that I did not reply at all.  I was in a situation.  I was already swamped up with tasks given that its my son's preliminaries.  Yeah, my son has exams again, and surely my niece and nephew won't have exams until August.  I could not get my fingers to type "No I could not and will not be able to do you a favor."  Instead, I texted my husband to provide an answer better than "no," but certainly not "yes" for me.  The panic was not over after that.  I lingered on that text until bedtime...that is how affected I could be on certain things, especially the ones I turn down or fail to do.  Another concern hovered in my mind until waking time, will my nephew and niece be here again this weekend?  I HOPE NOT! I carried this in my subconscious that I had nightmares in my sleep.  If only I could post a sign on my forehead hat says, no visitors allowed...Mommy already turning into a monster.

People may think my being a stay-at-home mom means that I sit around all day painting my fingers, having a facial or plucking my eyebrows.  If you'd see me in person, you'd know immediately I do not have time for these things.  I also have no time sitting around not doing anything as there is always something that needs to be done at home.  With all the chores to be done I also have to squeeze some time to snuggle and frolick around with my child, make him his favorite snacks or treats, assemble his Tomica highway and play with him, and yes...allow my mind to vent out my thoughts through blogging.  Today I am blogging because I certainly needed to just sit down and type away my thoughts.  

Inhale. Exhale. 

Its a week-end again. Dan...dan...dan...dandandandandan (JAWS).  I seem to have developed a weekend-o-phobia.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aiza Seguerra embraces Mommy role

borrowed from ABS-CBN

Aiza Seguerra to play a mother in a soap, say what?!  Bagay ba?! (Does it suit her?!)  She's a lesbian, right?!  Oh well, she did wear a gown for a show before, so why not play a mother role this time?

I do not know how the story goes just yet but getting her for the role may mean that the character she wil be playing is a lesbian with a child.  Yeah, right!  Her character is "Kute" (pronounced probably as Coo-te) short for kuya and ate, a skin-headed mom with a tattoo and elder sister of Jodi Sta. Maria.

The TV Series is entitled "Be Careful With My Heart" airing this July 9 already.  Starring with Ms. Seguerra are Richard Yap (popularly known as Papa Chen) playing the role of Mr. Lim and Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria as the lead character Maya.

Poor Girl with Retainers in Villar Foundation Commercial

When this commercial first launched, I immediately thought it was too early for someone to campaign.  Well, ads with poverty as a pasakalye (overture) is almost always political in nature; this one is not so different although it shows toward the end that it is all about the Villar Foundation and its achievements under Madam Cynthia Villar.

As with the old Villar campaign ad (Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura...), it has a way of getting your attention and pinching your heart.  Filipinos are a sucker for sad stories, we immediately get immersed in the drama. I did when I watched this commercial for the first time. As the commercial aired more frequently and I started watching more closely, I noticed something that I found highly irregular.  "Is this girl wearing retainers?"  She claims to be poor, and life turned around through the Villar Foundation, and she can already afford retainers!!!  Goodness gracious!  I immediately searched for a file video on the net but failed to do so.  I put the idea of blogging about it behind me because I could not find a video until I stumbled upon one just today on YouTube courtesy of vfifoundation.  I also stumbled upon a very interesting blog by "Guy With A Blog" that tackles a whole lot more about this ad which I liked because it is just how I felt about the commercial.  Click "Its Too Early, Mrs. Villar" to read about this blog

So, did any one of you guys notice the retainers too?  Look closely, you'll see it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Purple Crabs, Tiny Frogs and a Giant Crocodile

Kermit the Frog

2 new frogs were found in Leyte Island's Nacolod mountain range. They are a mottled brown frog with red eyes and a broad yellow stripe running down its back, and a yellow green one not much bigger than a human thumb that looks a lot like Kermit the Frog!!!

Mr. Krabs

A freshwater purple crab was discovered in the lowland forest of Palawan by Hendrik Freitag of Germany's Senckenberg Museum of Zoology.  He looks so much like Mr. Krabs, right?!  It has been listed as belonging to the Insulamon species.


A 6.4 meter crocodile was found in a farming town in Agusan del Sur province, bigger than the Australian crocodile (5 meters)that used to be the largest in captivity.  The Philippine crocodile named 'Lolong' has been declared the largest in captivity.  Reminds me of Godzilla, yikes!