Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tom's World Kids' Fun Day

On stage, before the start of the show
Last September 25, 2011, my son and I were lucky enough to be a part of the Tom's World Kid's Fun Day at the SM Southmall.  Tom's World is my son's favorite hang-out at SM Southmall and at SM Center Las Piñas.  Tom's World is by far the coolest arcade we've been to here in the Philippines, and can be found in almost every SM Mall.

Photo with the mascots after the event
Me and my son before the show starts

Yup, Dad was here too before the event.
The Tom's World Kids' Fun Day is like a way for Tom's World to give back to all its avid kiddie patrons.  For a minimal fee of Php200, you get 2 reserved seats for the venue (each child has to be accompanied by an adult companion), a free Fun Day Shirt, a souvenir photo, a lootbag with lots of goodies, 2 Kimi icecream sticks, free tokens to use after the event at Tom's World and a free pass to Austinland.  Tickets were sold weeks before the activity, and only 150 tickets were handed out.  I was lucky to avail of the ticket early and got seat number 033 which is still near the stage.  I am impressed by Tom's World at how organized they were during the event.  The activity was held at the SM Activity Center, south from the main entrance.  The mall was packed with people as it was also the same time the Cheerdance competition was held.  The activity was scheduled at 2pm but we were encouraged to arrive around 1pm for the picture taking for the souvenir photo.  It was also easy to locate ourselves as the seats were already numbered accordingly and there were Tom's World staff ushering people to their seats.  The show showcased a series of amateur talents from Perfect Rhythm Voice Studio, then there were parlor games like the longest greeting, the find your shoe game and the popular Bring Me game.  The highlight of the show was the performance from the Mirasol Acrobats and Glen Cuevas "the Magician."There was also a raffle draw squeezed as an intermission for each performance.  Sponsors for the prizes were Perfect Rhythm Voice Studio, Island Cove, KFC, and Tom's World.  We were not so lucky to be drawn in the raffle but my son was lucky enough to get a prize for being "The Most Behaved Boy with the cutest smile" just before the Magic Show.  The finale of the event was the mascot appearance of Z (from Zagu), Chuckie (KFC), Kimi(Selecta), Cherifer Boy, Auntin, Joy and Tom.  Kid's were requested to line up batch per batch for the photo op with the mascots.

After the event, the lootbags were handed out.  Then Ethan and I set off to Tom's world to redeem our ice cream sticks and to avail of the free Tom's world tokens and unlimited pass to Auntinland.  My son had a grand time that day.  The show ended around 5pm and he got to play at Auntinland, well, until 7:30pm.  My back and foot was aching but it was a great feeling to see my son having a great time.

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