Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Decor from Scrap

My sister Jolene's class at Manila Science HS needs to decorate their classroom for Christmas this week and they need to make us of scrap materials or things that are normally thrown away already.  I can't resist opportunities like where I can express myself creatively.  Arts and crafts has always been a weakness, so I practically spent my entire afternoon yesterday researching for DIY Christmas decors, looking for materials and then getting into the actual work of putting the decor together.  Here is the outcome of our effort.

 This snowman is made from a mineral water bottle, scrap fabric for the scarf, magazine pages for the hat and the white styrofoam filling borrowed from a beanbag.  The leaf embellishment is old stock scrapbooking material I had been keeping for ages.

This Christmas wreath is made from old magazine and hard cardboard, the ribbon is made from an old mesh sponge. 

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