Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat at SM Center Las Piñas

My son Ethan making the most of the SM Center stage.
While waiting, my son and I goofed around the stage for photos.
I actually had no plans for Halloween, all I wanted was to lay in bed and sleep the entire day.  But everything changed when my son insisted that he join SM Center Las Piñas' Trick or Treat and costume contest.  On October 31st, that is exactly what we did.  We were not prepared so we had to recycle his old Halloween costume and add an anime headpiece or a phantom mask.  My son was undecided as to what he wants to be that day so we had to bring every accessory along in case he changes his mind.  My family went to the venue at 11am thanks or no thanks to the SM Information lady who said that program will start early this year.  It turns out that management decided to stick to the 2pm schedule, giving us a lot of time to loiter around.

For the child to take part in the activity by the way, one has to present a single purchase receipt worth Php500 from any of the mall establishments and 1 SM ecobag.  In other SM malls with department stores and Toy Kingdom outlets its just a Php250 purchase receipt and an ecobag.

My son on the ramp during the contest proper. 
Me with Harry Potter and Orichimaru (Naruto).

Ethan playing with his sleeping phantom pumpkin dad.
After the parade, there were some parlor games and then the costume contest which was divided into 4 categories:  1) The Cutest in Halloween costume; 2) The Most Faboolous Costume; 3) The Most Spooktacular Costume and 4) The Best Halloween Family.  We did not know what category to enter our son in so we just allowed the organizers to decide where he best fits, and he was placed in the Cutest in Halloween costume category.

My son Ethan feeling like a winner with his pumpkin lollipop.

The winner of the Best Family in Halloween costume and DTI representative on the extreme left.

The winner of the Spooktacular Costume:  The Wolf!

All the winners.  Extreme left is the Queen of Hearts (Winner of the Faboolous category).  Extreme right is The Prince (Winner of the Cutest Halloween costume)
My son did not win anything, even in the parlor games, but having the experience was the best prize every kid that joined brought home with them.  For me and my husband, my son is in every which way a winner. We sat down, enjoyed the fashion show, ate Domino's pizza while watching the Magic Show.  It was a good way to celebrate Halloween.

After the event, I took time to congratulate the SM Marketing staff who I reprimanded not so long ago because of their kapalpakan during a certain meet and greet.  That is how I am, I do not just reprimand and give criticisms, I also take time to congratulate people for a job well done. This time, that staff certainly looked into the tiniest detail of the event and came out successful.

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