Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nestle Honeystars, Hotwheels and Domino's Pizza

Hubby is off to do some testing at work today so its just me and my son through this lazy Saturday afternoon.  I had not been hyper the past few days because of what seems to be a cold virus I could not seem to shake off.  I was glad I did most of the work done during the week, giving me some time to rest this weekend.  I was looking forward to just staying in the bedroom reading a book or working on some blog materials until my son saw this Nestle Honeystars commercial which featured a free Hotwheels pullback racer.  He hounded me for hours begging me to accompany him to SM Center so he can purchase the box.  I asked him if he had money, and he said he did.  He got his wallet and proudly showed me his cash, a total of P100.  Around 3pm I set aside what I was doing and told him we would go to SM Center to check out his Nestle Honeystars which he promised to consume all by himself. He was hip-hopping with joy as we walked our way to the mall.  I enjoy afternoon walks like this even when I am not feeling well.  The day was comfortably cool, felt like it was about to drizzle.  We brought our umbrella just in case it rained, I did not want my cold to worsen.  

The wonderful prize inside the box of Nestle Honeystars.
We had fun sticking the stickers on the racer.
The racer is also surprisingly fast!  My son is having so much fun with it.

Our purchase time was short as we only had one item to buy.  My little boss was excited all throughout, he was even the one who carried the shopping bag.  I decided to drop by Bestsellers for awhile for masking tape Ethan needs for school on Monday, then off we were to Domino's for some PIZZA!!!  I ordered 2 boxes thin crust pizza's for P49 each and Sprite.  My son was overjoyed.  I cherish light moments like this when everything seems to slow down and I could just breathe in the joy, the love, the special moment...and yes, the wonderful aroma of freshly made pizza.  We are Pizza Hut fanatics but we have come to love the thin crust pizza of Domino's.  Ahhh....the joy over pizza...fabulous!

P49 Thin crust Domino's Pizza
My boss attacking his first piece of the pizza

Bossing asking me if the pizza is Hawaiian.
I answered, "Ala po silang Hawaiian,  bacon and ham lang."
(They don't have Hawaiian, only bacon and ham.)

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