Friday, April 13, 2012

Kiddie Crew Fun at McDonald's Las Piñas

As I stated in one of my previous blogs, its is my son's 3rd year of joining the McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop.  Why he keeps on coming back?  "Because it's fun!" he says.

This year was really fun at the McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop because in additional to the usual floor and counter duties for the kids, they embellished an apron which they get to keep and they also had the chance to assemble a cheeseburger step by step the McDonald's way.

Allow me to give a run through of the weeklong activities in pictures.

Day 1-Orientation Day

Learning the proper way of washing hands
Off to the floor single file.

Ate Joerlyn telling the kids what they should do while on the floor.

Playplace orientation

Counter and Kitchen orientation with Ate MJ.

Proper way of putting together the child seat.

Time to relax with Ronald after 2 hours of work.

Day 2 - Floor Duty
Greeting the customers and thanking them when they leave.

Buzzing the tables

Thanks Ethan for buzzing my table!

Craft time!!!

Ethan painting his Kiddie Crew apron.

Day 3 - Showcase of Talents

Sorry no pictures.  Anyway, this is the day the kids get to show their talents individually or with a group.  Ethan opted to go solo and sing the song "Every Single Cell in My Body is Well."

Day 4 - Counter Duty and Cheeseburger Assembling Day

Big enough already to see the counter top.

Waiting for customers to order
The kid with their aprons on, getting ready to make cheeseburgers.

Ate MJ giving instructions to the kids.

The cheeseburger assembly line.

Waiting for instructions from Ate MJ
The BIG SMILE for assembling his first McDonald's cheeseburger.  PRICELESS!

Day 5 - Kiddie Crew Recognition Day

Getting ready for the program

Batch 9-11 lining up for the parlor games
Batch 9-11 dancing "Do The Ronald."  I honestly like the beat of this dance.
At home Ethan and I get to dance this together.
"Do The Ronald" is fun because there's a lot of arm flapping and jumping around.

Ethan with the Ate's at McDonalds after receiving his certificate.

Singing "Make It Happen."

Paparapapa...Love Ko 'To.

So that's it!  After singing the Kiddie Crew Song "Make It Happen" the kids get to eat their McChicken Meal.  The Workshop is over and Kiddie Crew Graduation according to Ate MJ will still be held at the World Trade Center along Roxas Blvd, tentatively on June 2 or 3.

Our favorite neighborhood McDonald's

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