Sunday, April 22, 2012

Workbooks for Summer

Although its summer, I make it a point to inject some lessons just so Ethan's brain won't be rusty come start of school in June.  I would randomly pick an activity for us to do be it reading, writing, math or science.  At this point, Ethan has already learned how to multiply up to Table of 5 and we have reviewed English up to the use of "this" and "that."

While we were shopping at Festival Mall yesterday, I decided to drop by National Bookstore to look for workbooks that can help Ethan with his Math, Reading Comprehension, English and Cursive Writing.  I know all these will be learned in school, but I find that he learns better if I can slowly tackle the lessons in a less stressful, more fun environment here at home.  When school starts, everything will be hectic again and lessons tend to be fast paced and less enjoyable.

Anyway, here are the books I purchased which I found great to buy for an incoming grade 2 student here in the Philippines.

Multiplication Facts Made Easy

A book printed in Korea by School Zone Publishing Company.  Its a great book to learn multiplication because its reusable.  The child has to use dry erase markers to answer the workbook so the book can be reused.  The pages are colorful and there are various ways given in attacking a multiplication problem which I find very helpful in explaining to my kid.
Multiplication Facts Made Easy is Php 99.00
 My Exercise Book for Cursive Writing

Ethan started learning cursive writing in Grade 1. Their Writing Workbook at school actually ended in cursive writing.  I decided to buy an Exercise book to supplement what he learned and have him practice cursive writing so he would not have a hard time writing when in Grade 2.

There are actually a lot of exercise books for cursive writing out there.  This book is Ethan's personal choice probably because of its size and the quality of paper.  It is an ETL book, a co-edition of Lampara Publishing House.  I love ETL books because they are fun to teach to children because of the wonderful illustrations.  This is not the first ETL book that Ethan has as I already bought a couple of ETL Books in the past from the Manila Book Fair held at SMX Convention Center.
Exercise Book for Cursive Writing is Php 99.75.
Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is one of a series of books under School and Home Workbooks by ETL.  As I said, I love ETL books and this book is the 4th book that Ethan has.  The books are coded based on the learning level of the child. Reading Comprehension is level 3 under Phonics and Reading.  The other School and Home Workbooks we have are Sight Words Puzzles and Games, Getting Ready for Kindergarten and Beginning Reading. 
Reading Comprehension is Php 49.75
My World in English Ages 7-9

My World in English Ages 7-9 is a book by Future Ace Publishing Pte Ltd Singapore and printed in Malaysia. It is also a book that is part of a series.  Since Ethan will be in grade 2, this level is appropriate for him.  The book is filled with activities in grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and composition.

My World in English is Php115.00

So there it is!  Four books that would make a child busy for the summer.  How about you?  What books are your kids working on this summer?

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