Monday, May 21, 2012

Grandma Turns 96!

Today, my grandma Connie turns 96!  
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Although I did not grow up with her, she was always present through Hallmark cards, letters and balikbayan boxes.  There are times she comes to visit and I remember how our pet dogs adore her because she has a  tendency to spoil them with treats.  When we visited her in California, I enjoyed watching her feed birds at her backyard garden.  She would also feed a certain cat who I thought was her pet, but as it turns out, it was her neighbor's cat.  We all inherited her love for animals, and her soft heart for strays.  All the cats we had as pets when we were kids were all strays before we adopted  them.

I also remember my Grandma's beautiful handwriting.  She writes lengthy letters to us for our birthdays and every important occasion in our lives when she could still write.  Now she has given up writing because of her shaky hands.  I really miss those letters, how neatly composed and well written they were.

Grandma is now 96.  Four more years and it'll be her centennial.
Happy Birthday Grandma.
We all love you!

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