Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lorenzo's Time on ABS-CBN

SCENE 1:  "Hello, party line, pakibaba naman!"

SCENE 2:  "Hanep!  Telepono na nagsasalita!"

These are the 2 lines delivered by "May Bukas Pa"  child star Zaijan Jaranilla in a teaser ad seen playing these past few days over ABS-CBN.  This ad caught my attention and made me wonder what the new teleserye was all about.  Well, this ad is for the new teleserye that is expected to air on July 2, 2012 entitled Lorenzo's Time.  If the already concluded "Budoy" is about a mentally challenge individual, Lorenzo's Time is about a boy sticken with progeria or Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome.  Progeria is a rare disease here in the Philippines, only 2 reported cases in 2009 based on an article I read entitled Aging Fountain of Youth.

Anyway,  Lorenzo's Time is kinda' like the 1992 Mel Gibson film entitled "Forever Young,"(one of my favorite films) where a test pilot in 1939 asked his friend to freeze him (crogenics) for one year so he won't have to suffer watching his loveone lying in a coma.  Well, he ended up waking or being defrosted rather in 1992.  I do not know how long the lead character Lorenzo/Enzo (Zaijan Jaranilla) will be frozen in Lorenzo's Time; but as the storyline goes, he will wake up to see everyone aged except for himself.

The powercast of this teleserye are as follows:

Carmina Villaroel as Arlene
Diether Ocampo as Jeff
Gina Pareño as Lola Becky
Alfred Vargas as Ricky
Cherry Pie Picache as Marissa
Amy Austria as Celina
Ronaldo Valdez as Augusto
Joel Torre as Benito
Jewel Mische as Arriana

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