Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poor Girl with Retainers in Villar Foundation Commercial

When this commercial first launched, I immediately thought it was too early for someone to campaign.  Well, ads with poverty as a pasakalye (overture) is almost always political in nature; this one is not so different although it shows toward the end that it is all about the Villar Foundation and its achievements under Madam Cynthia Villar.

As with the old Villar campaign ad (Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura...), it has a way of getting your attention and pinching your heart.  Filipinos are a sucker for sad stories, we immediately get immersed in the drama. I did when I watched this commercial for the first time. As the commercial aired more frequently and I started watching more closely, I noticed something that I found highly irregular.  "Is this girl wearing retainers?"  She claims to be poor, and life turned around through the Villar Foundation, and she can already afford retainers!!!  Goodness gracious!  I immediately searched for a file video on the net but failed to do so.  I put the idea of blogging about it behind me because I could not find a video until I stumbled upon one just today on YouTube courtesy of vfifoundation.  I also stumbled upon a very interesting blog by "Guy With A Blog" that tackles a whole lot more about this ad which I liked because it is just how I felt about the commercial.  Click "Its Too Early, Mrs. Villar" to read about this blog

So, did any one of you guys notice the retainers too?  Look closely, you'll see it.