Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mochi Creme at SM Southmall

My son and I love mochi ice cream.  Mochi ice cream is a Japanese dessert or confection made out of tikoy (sticky rice dough) and has ice cream filling. It may be a little expensive at Php 60 a piece, but it is a delightful treat when you're out at the mall having a good time.  It takes a few minutes for it to thaw or soften to make it easier to bite into, but Ethan and I have fun nibbling through the mochi (even drooling over it which I know is totally disgusting).  Its that messy kinda' fun we get when eating mochi ice cream.

We've grown to love the blue vanilla flavor, it just leaves this blue stain on whites which may be a little hard to remove.  I heard green tea and black sesame is good.  I might try them next time.


  1. Great! My Mochi na pala sa Southmall. At least malapit satin. Good to know! :)


  2. Hi Sheryl! Yeah, Ethan and I loved the fact na malapit na sa atin. Dati sa ATC lang kami nakakakuha ng mochi icecream, at pag weekend lang.