Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best of Anime 2012 and The 33rd Manila International Book Fair

Two events I would love to go to tomorrow!!!  Unfortunately, I am sick :(

I have been under the weather for days now.  Head pounding and hurting real bad, stuffy nose, temperature raised, whole body aching.  I already paid the doctor a visit yesterday and was prescribed antibiotics, paracetamol, pain reliever and a nasal decongestant.  Today I feel better but the headache is still persisting.  
I would love to go to check out these 2 events but how could I?!  (sigh)

Anyway, my sister who's a cosplayer will be going to "The Best of Anime" and would likely be checking out the International Bookfair too.  She has her costume all prepared for the cosplay, and I am excited how things will turn out. We were at SMX for these events last year and we all had a great time.  If I can't make it to these events this year, I'll see if I can just share some of my sister's pics later on.  Well, that is if little sister will share `em valuable pics with me. 


  1. Wow, I love to come too! Thanks Joyce

    1. Wah!!! I feel so bad I can't go to these events. Aside from the fact that I am sick, my son also has exams scheduled on Monday and Tuesday. My weekend is packed because I have to prep him for the exams. Waaaah!