Saturday, November 17, 2012

At The 17th Alaska Football Cup

The 17th Alaska Cup was held last November 10 and 11 at the Alabang Country Club football grounds.  It is by far the biggest "7 A Side Football" tournament in the Philippines with 290 teams, 4000 players, 26 football fields and 100 referees.

When I took the picture below of the teams lined up to play for Sunday, I noticed that the tournament has drawn teams coming as far as Baguio in the North and Davao, Victorias, Masbate and Bukidnon down South.  I know the southern folks are very good football players, so my son's team for Boys 8 (04/05) are in for some hard action on the field.

For Day 1, I watched the games for the Boys 6 while my son plays around with his classmate at the tent we set up near the official's tent where hubby had to work as one of the desk officials for the tournament.

My son and his classmate playing at the tent.

One of the games of Boys 6 that I watched.
My camera is not equipped for action shots, so no awesome action photos here.  Heheh
We also visited the Alaska tent where one can avail of their face painting services and photobooth; win prizes from their games, and to get a taste of their ice cold sweet milk and choco milk which Ethan really likes.

The ALASKA tent

Enjoying Alaska milk while waiting for the paint to dry.
We were one of the 1st to avail of the face painting.

Ethan doing 15 crunches, one of the tasks to win a prize.

Ethan biking 15 times, again one of the tasks to win a prize.
He was able to win a prize.
We tried out the photobooth.  

Day 2 - HECTIC!!! I was all stressed out and could not take pictures because I had to usher my son and carry all the stuff he needs for his game, akala mo naman MVP...heheh!  Anyway, his team failed to make it to the finals after their loss against Raya FC, Del Monte FC and Los Baños FS.  

The valuable lesson learned today by my son is how to handle defeat.  It is great that after each match, the players were made to shake hands with each other as an act of sportsmanship.  I am glad that my son takes part in this and makes it a point to shake their opponent's hand after a game, win or lose.  We were both tired after their game and opted to try some of ACC's Hawaiian pizza.

Ethan gobbling his Hawaiian pizza slice.
Had a monster appetite after the game.
List of Winners we got for (Nov 11) Sunday's game:
Men's Open Champion - AFS
Ladies Open Champion - Archer's UTD FC
Girl's 14 Champion - Ateneo de Davao
Boys 10 Champion - Ateneo de Manila
Boys 8 Champion - Don Bosco Technical Institute - Victorias

Overall, we had FUN!  It was so tiring but FUN!
We were even able to see a rainbow during the tournament's closing ceremonies.

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