Monday, November 5, 2012

Ethan's Special Football Trainor

My son is lucky to have a special football trainor and coach, his Papa!  Hubby used to coach football at AFS, ISM and La Salle.  Since he turned farmer after getting license in Agriculture, he has become my son's private trainor outside the training he gets from the Alabang Football School.  During this long weeked, Ethan had the chance to learn some special skills and hubby had the chance to exercise.  I had not been able to join them for several sessions because them being out of the house gives me the chance to get more chores done.  Anyway, this Sunday after mass I was able to join them for a short while as they made use of the time left before it gets dark at the Philamlife park.

More people are showing up at the park to play football.

My boys had to locate themselves at the back of the volleyball court since
most of the spots were already occupied.

Ethan practicing penalty shoot-out

Training did not take long this time because my son accidentally stepped on dog poop that was not suppose to be there.  Heheh! Kawawa naman,  the dog poop totally ruined his day.

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