Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Day at the Robot Zoo

(NOTE:  This visit was made last January 28, 2013.  The Robot Zoo has now moved to Kuwait)

Have You Been to the Robot Zoo?  

With the 9 foot long neck and head
of a giraffe

During my 3 months of absence in the blogosphere, one of the experiences I had with my family is at the Robot Zoo.  It was the day before my son's field trip and we decided not let him join.  Instead, we told him we would just go out as a family and see the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center at the SM Mall of Asia which was part of their school field trip.  While waiting for the schedule of our film showing which was at 6pm, we went around the science museum.  While viewing the large periodic table at the 2nd floor, a kind donor who refused to give (his/her) name handed us 3 FREE tickets to the Robot Zoo telling us that it was the zoo's last day in Manila and it would be nice if we'd go and see it.  And so we did!

The zoo features 8 animals, a giraffe, a giant house fly, a rhino, a grasshopper, a platypus, a chameleon, a large hanging bat, and a giant squid.  These robots simulate the movement of their real counterparts.  Some of the displays like the rhino and the chameleon can actually be controlled by visitors.  It was a fun introduction on Robotics for our son.

Putting Mr. Platypus together

Monitors that show how a chameleon
can hide itself in its background

The Robot Zoo opened in the Philippines in July 2012.  Since it was their last day when we visited, which was last January 28, 2013, the zoo lasted for only 6 months.  The zoo is a traveling exhibit anyway and it has gone to several parts of the world already.  After its run in the Philippines, the Robot Zoo is off to Kuwait.

Thank you so much to the kind donor of our free tickets for giving us, especially our son this experience.  Blessings can really come at any time in various forms.

As we bid farewell to the staff of the Robot Zoo, we asked what exhibit would replace it.  Nothing final yet, but rumors say it can be the Startrek exhibit or the Harry Potter collection.  So excited to find out what it would be.  

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