Friday, March 8, 2013

Do Male Dogs Go "In Heat?"

One morning while the dogs in our neighborhood seem to be going crazy at the same time, I went out to see what was going on.  One of our neighbors was out trying to restrain her dog who was whining, barking and acting like crazy at a female dog.

The dog's owner said, "Hay naku, in heat na naman ang aso ko!

But the dog was a male (I wondered to myself).  

Paano siya magiging "in-heat?"

I suddenly doubted the stock knowledge I had from college and began searching in Google if male dogs do in fact go "in heat."

The answer?  
NO!  Male dogs do not go in heat.  
They do however respond to female dogs who are in heat.  

The presence of pheromones in the urine and perhaps the blood being discharged by the female make them like homing devices to male dogs. The female dog appears so attractive because of the scent that is why male dogs go crazy when a female dog goes in heat.  The doggy estrus cycle is divided into 4 parts:  proestrus, estrus, diestrus and the anestrus.

Sa proestrus, the female dog would usually have a swollen pinkish vulva and would have bloody discharge na parang menstruation.  Madalas din silang naiihi (frequent urination).  Dito kadalasan nagwawala ang mga male dogs because the female smells so good for them but she does not want to be mounted.  Feeling long hair baga pero pakipot muna.

Sa estrus naman or the actual "heat" is the period of ovulation.  Mas willing na yung female dog to welcome male dogs.  This is the time the females are most fertile.  

Sa diestrus, medyo swollen pa rin ang vulva pero madalas wala ng bleeding.  Di na rin masyadong interested ang female dog to welcome males.

Ang anestrus naman is the long period when heat stops tapos the dog prepares its body for the next heat cycle.


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  1. Male dogs are always in heat so yes, they don't go in heat because they are already in heat LOL!

  2. lol...true, so true...heheh!