Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alaska Power Camp Summer Football Festival 2013

The Alaska Power Camp Summer Football Festival is the culminating activity of the 2 month long Alaska Football Summer Power Camp.  In this festival, all kids get to participate and play against other teams.  The number of teams each team has to go against depends on the number of teams formed according to the skill level and age.

This is my son's 2nd summer in this football camp, and he was so eager and excited to give out his best this year.  Last year, his team also landed the championship gold after Ethan delivered a  successful kick during the very tensed penalty shootout.   This year, Ethan was picked to play for the yellow team and was happy to be teamed with some of his friends. It was a long hot day but the kids were full of energy and gave a good game for us parents to watch.

In a tight squeeze trying to get the ball from 2 red team players.

One of the successful kicks that scored a goal for the yellow team.
At the end of the day, the yellow team came out as the champion earning gold medals for each member of the team.  As an additional surprise to me and my husband, our son was awarded MVP!  Yehey for Ethan! Not only did he work hard for his team today, he also was a good team player and listened to their coach.  Their team deserved the championship because everybody worked hard to get goals and played good defense.

During an interview after the awarding ceremonies.

One big check on my son's achievement list this summer.  Job well done!

Prior to the football festival, Ethan was also awarded a silver medal for his performance throughout the camp.  A small awarding ceremony was held and selected kids were awarded medals and trophies.

By the way, for those out there interested to get their kids into football during schooldays, the First Quarter season of Alaska Power Camp will open on June 4, 2013.  It will run for 3 months, from June to August.  You can contact Mr. TOMAS LOZANO at 8227584.

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