Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Son, Now A Yellow Belt

I mentioned in my previous post that my son was taking the promotional test to obtain his yellow belt.  When football season ended last May 19, we started focusing on Taekwondo mastering formation 1 and 2, and the self-defense techniques.  Ethan also had to memorize basic information on taekwondo that is likely to be asked for the promo test.  For 10 days we labored, going to the dojang for whitebelt class Tuesdays and Thurdays and attending mixed belt classes on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  In the mornings I had to ditch some of my chores to practice self defense or execute the poomse with him, and our bus rides to and from the dojang is when we recite the blocks, kicks, stances, strikes, tenets of taekwondo, meaning of taekwondo, etc.  It was a lot of work!  But all that hard work paid off when Ethan finally got his YELLOW BELT, hurray!!!

The promo test happened yesterday, May 30 (Thursday).  Scheduled to start at 2pm, it ended up starting at 3pm.  There was heavy rains all morning and most people came in late probably due to traffic.  My son and I were the first to arrive at the PTA gym.  I registered and paid the fees and waited outside watching each student and parent that arrived.  The first to arrive after us was a mom and her teenage son.  We chatted casually about the test and she told me that this is not the first time her son showed up for the promo test.  She said that they were not properly informed the last time that one needed to register to take the test, thus the failure of not be able to take the test.  She also went on telling stories about Milo Best Basketball Clinic which they also took part in at Ateneo.  Our chitchatting went on for awhile until some of the other students  and their companions started coming in.  It was a grueling wait for 3 hour before Grandmaster Hong arrived and the test actually started.

In the test proper, the white belts were the first to go.  They were grouped into 2 batches and Ethan was lucky to be part of batch 1, the first group to be evaluated.  The test is in 4 parts:  (1) execution of poomse formation 1 and 2, (2) stance, strike, blocks and kicks execution, (3) self defense 1-5 and (4) question and answer.

Like all the other parents, I was eager and excited to see my son perform and capture it on film.  I was fairly impressed on the outcome of our hard work together.  Ethan was now more confident with his stance and executed every move with speed and power.  Even in the Q&A portion, he did well and was even complimented by Grandmaster Hong on how smart he stood in front of him and his loud voice when asked his name and age.  I guess that was already enough for Grandmaster Hong as he was not questioned any further, instead, Ethan was told to lead the others is Charyeot! Kyeung-rye! (Attention! Bow!).  I was so happy how the test turned out for my son, and was also happy how the other parents complimented his performance during the Q&A.  

Here are some photos:

Frolicking around while waiting
Batch 1 ready for the evaluation
Executing a side kick

During the Q&A
Happy with his yellow belt
We were told that a certificate will also be given stipulating that the kids took part in this summer sport activity.  It still lacks the Grandmaster's signature and would be given later this week or next week.  Now that Ethan is a yellow belt, he can now spar with some of his friends in the mixed belt class who are already yellow belts.  It is also time for us to canvass his sparring gear which he would be needing later.   We are also working on a manageable schedule for him in case he wants to continue to train when classes start.

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