Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Celebration at SM Center Las Piñas: A Review

The SM Easter Basket. 
Rating for the Easter Celebration is 3 stars.  It was so lame that there were only 4 participants and there were 3 categories for the Easter Bunny costume contest.  I attended last year's Easter celebration here as well and there were a relevant number of participants.  I guess the failure begins with the lack of information dissemination, or probably the delay in informing the community of the activities.  I scout early for activities I can schedule my kid to join in so I can prepare early.  I actually even requested that they post their Holy Week Schedule and Easter Celebration activities posted on Facebook. The information booth should at least have flyers or even just one poster with all the information needed weeks ahead of the activity so people can see what SM Center has in store for a certain celebration.

As for the rest, that is where the 3 stars came from.  The Easter basket and bunny ears was a remarkable change from last year's.  My son loved the bunny ears that he wore it even at home.  The Easter egg hunt was same as last year but with fewer eggs to collect and smaller ones too.  Nevertheless, I think it was just fine since the candies inside the eggs were much better that last year's boring chocolates. The stage and decor were great.  I loved that the stage was filled with lavender, pink and yellow balloons.  The idea of the photo area and the big easter egg was a beautiful idea.  The clown as a host was effective, and was in fact very good at what he was doing.  The games were an effective way to buy time and was very fun and entertaining.  The spot the egg contest and the egg in the jar was fun but there was no thrill in the announcement of winners which made me speculate that there was already a ready winner.  What made me further speculate was how the winners reacted when their names were called.  Well, if my son's name would have been called, I would surely be surprised.  The kids who won however did not display any sign of excitement or thrill that they won.  Hmmmm....this was really suspicious...tsk! tsk!  Oh well, at least my son and I enjoyed going around and counting those eggs.  The puppet show came in as a bit drag to me but the kids seem to like it so what the heck!  The puppeteer turned magician was great as I was impressed of his energy level and flexibility.  The magic tricks were not fantabulous but enough to impress the little kids and some adults like me who thinks like a kid.  And lastly the SM Photo booth was great.  My kid and I got the chance to be fun and looney trying hats and wigs and have our picture taken even if the line was long, we had to change headgear within 10 seconds and have a ready smile for the next 2 shots, and the man that handed us our photo looked like a character from Pirates of the Carribean because he does not know how to smile.  Oh yeah, last but not the least...there were also 2 lady bunnies that sealed the detail of the celebration and the really big pink Easter bunny.

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