Monday, May 16, 2011

Nasaan Na Ba Si Elisa?

Seems that the said telenovela "Nasaan Ka Elisa?" has been delaying its airing for the longest time for what reason?  i do not know.  I remember ads being aired December of 2010 stating "malapit na."  Wow!  Six months is not malapit na ano?  I personally forgot about this telenovela until I got bored with Imortal and Mutya, got confused with Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and totally lost interest with the rest of the telenovelas since I can only take so much violence in my tv viewing time.  I asked myself, are there any better shows lined up by ABS-CBN and remembered that there was a "Nasaan Ka Elisa" that the network may have forgotten to air.  I research online and stumbled upon an article from SunStar by Glaiza Jarloc dated May 2,2011 stating that the said teleserye is still pushing through and is in fact still taping.  Taping?!  Talaga lang ha!  It was said that the production team is meticulous with their work and that they are focused in really making it good.  Well I just hope so.  So far I have not really been blown away with any projects ABS-CBN has produced lately.  They have packed primetime with teleseryes that is so loaded with heavy drama and redundant violent storylines that there is nothing to look forward to.  I wonder when they can come up with materials like "May Bukas Pa" where people can watch and have a "feel good" feeling after watching the show.  "May Bukas Pa"  was a good teleserye because of the light scenes that may bring one tears yet have one's heart and mind enlightened.  It was also very good influence to people especially kids as Santino effectively played a good role model in getting kids to pray.  I expected "Mutya" to have the same effect but ended up pitying the kid and all the other casts in merman/mermaid suits who appear awkward or freezing during takes near water.  Anyway, back to "Nasaan Ka Elisa," given that the production crew gave word that they are doing a good job making the project really good for the viewing public, my expectations will be high- I just hope it won't turn out fabulous only at first like "Panday" and then towards the end a big flop.

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  1. One time I've heard a filipino song from my neighbor - it was sung by sharon cuneta --pangako sa yo, ipaglalaban mo.... Yun pala, they were watching the soap opera aired by ABS-CBN during early 2000 yata titled Pangako sa 'yo. Yung drama na andun si Jericho at Christine. This is popular drama daw sa ibang african countries. Ang English title nya is "The Promise". Not sure lang kung may kiswahili subs. Hahaha!