Monday, May 16, 2011

Jamaicah De Dios - Our Day Care Center's Precious Jewel

Within our city's public day care centers are precious jewels to our community.  Equipped with passion for service and the love for children are our day care workers whose job entails teaching the fundamentals of education, a continuation of a child's training outside the walls of home, and preparing them for formal education .  A day care worker's job is not a walk in the park, work starts are 8am and usually ends around 4 in the afternoon.  For Mrs. Jamaicah de Dios or teacher Maicah as we fondly call her, reporting to the daycare center is already a way of life.  She welcomes each day with immeasureable enthusiasm and energy that extends all the way to her afternoon session.  She handles 3 sessions of preschool kids ages 3-5 years old and watching her go about her lessons is impressively inspiring.

I have been fortunate to observe teacher Maicah for an entire schoolyear as she teaches my son Ethan who is 5 years old.  My son has learned to read and his writing has well improved.  Their subjects for afternoon session is Writing, Filipino, Math and Reading; occasionally they also have art sessions.  Amongst the many activities for the schoolyear were the Nutrition month celebration, the Paligsining where my son Ethan was privileged to participate in, an Educational Field trip where Enchanted Kingdom was the biggest treat, there's their Christmas party loaded with fun and surprises; and as a finale, their recognition day and graduation.  All these activities under the valuable leadership of teacher Maicah.

Teacher Maicah has been awarded Most Outstanding Day Care Worker by DSWD for the City of Las Piñas in 2009 and holds her title to date.  She has also been awarded Most Outstanding Day Care Worker by Barangay Pamplona Dos, City of Las Piñas in 2010.  The Pamplona Dos Day Care Center has been accredited by DSWD with a very satisfactory mark in compliance to their standards in June of 2010.

Truly an invaluable asset to our community for her service and dedication.  Hats off to teacher Maicah...we salute you!  My family may not be able to compensate monetarily the love, compassion, teaching and mentoring of our son, rest assured you have made a big mark in our lives and shall be constantly in our prayers.

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