Wednesday, June 8, 2011

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2011

The Handprint Mural
The Little Artist's Nook
28 May 2011 (Saturday) World Trade Center - The event we attended as with last year's was still from 8AM-12NN.  My son Ethan accompanied by my husband and I arrived at the venue 7:30AM as advised, and a large crowd has already assembled at the WTC entrance.  The lobby entrance opened at exactly 8AM and we scampered towards the registration booth for the map which turns out to be a 6x4 activity card with a list of activity booths.  While lined up waiting for the activity entrance to open we were hoping freebies would be handed to the kids as with last year's event, but there was nothing.  Well, that was not the only disappointing thing in this year's McDonald's big event.  I was expecting for something bigger and better as I was certainly overwhelmed with last year's grand graduation that I made it a point my son would take part of the activity again this year.  Unfortunately, I was wrong and my son also felt dismayed with the show and activities presented to him this year.  However, as a mom I made a point to have my son enjoy no matter how disappointing the event was.  So, we tried the Little Artist's Nook, The Giant Slide, The Amazing Bounce, The Wizard Hatmaking chamber, Face painting, The Toss Game, The Handprint Mural and the Picture Booth. The Little Magician School, Mad Science and the Velcro Wall caught my attention but my son was not interested in it.  As for my son's friend Kali, too bad that all they had time for was the Toy Booth that McDonald's had set up.  They were not even able to enjoy the picture booth.  They were first timers and all I can say for parents planning to enjoin in this event next year; try to go around the venue and experience as many of the booths as you can so as to maximize what you paid for and what you are there for (that's to have a good time.)  The show this year was quite a drag for me really as I was not really taken by the story, it did not have the WOW factor for me.  However, I think the kids find the show okay, and they got to enjoy dancing the Ronald McDonald dance which they learned from their Kiddie Crew Workshop.
Ms. Jackielou Blanco, Jillian of GMA and Ronald McDonald during the show.
Face Painting after the show
Picture taking outside the WTC before the rain pours down on us.

Anyway, the event ended an hour earlier than expected.  The crowd diminished fast and those who had time (like us) stayed a little longer.  Well, we stayed to avail of the face painting services which was located  at the WTC lounge and to take pictures outside showing that it was about to rain.

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