Saturday, November 5, 2011


In November of last year, my son was privileged to be given a Mobigo touchscreen as a pasalubong by relatives from the US.  It is an electronic learning device with a touch screen and a QUERTY keyboard.  The keyboard can be flipped in or out depending on the need or requirement of the game.  The device is easy to use by little children. All they have to do is pop in a cartridge, turn on the device and start playing.  Most of the games are user friendly and the child can easily browse his way through the game.

Ethan's cartridges
The Mobigo game storage which can be used to download games online
My son initially had 3 cartridges which was given as a gift with the device; Toy Story 3, Marvel Superhero Squad, and  the Touch and Learn Game Pack.  It was very interesting for him at first until he got bored repeating the same games over and over until he had mastered them already.  We searched for cartridges at Toy Kingdom and ToysRUs back them but Mobigo was still not available here in the Philippines.  Luckily, this October we were sent additional cartridges; Cars, Mater’s Tall Tales, Spongebob and the Mobigo download cartridge which we can use to download games online.  The games are educational and helpful in polishing a child’s skills be it number, letter or word recognition, reading, analytical, counting, drawing, math, or logic.  When the game storage arrived, I was so excited to try downloading games from the Vtech website.  The free downloadable games were really good and there is a lot to choose from.  I downloaded all the games that was age appropriate for my son and he is enjoying all of them to this date.  The device runs on 4 AA batteries and comes with a USB adaptor by the way so you can connect it to your laptop or computer for downloading games online.

I tried playing with it awhile trying out the games my son was playing and I appreciate the clarity of the pictures on the screen and the kid sturdy touchscreen.  The keyboard was also soft and easy to press by tiny fingers.  What I like best about the device is its durability.  The device has rubber around which gives the child a good grip while playing and is additional protection in case a child accidentally drops it.  A carry case can also be purchased for traveling convenience as it can contain the device and up to 7 cartridges.

Mobigo blue carry case
I initially felt that Leapfrog Explorer was a better toy when I saw the device all over the local newspapers, but after reading the reviews from and learning that Mobigo has been rated Top 1 in its product list for electronic learning devices, I was super glad my cousin had picked this toy for my son.

Mobigo is already available locally at Toy Kingdom for Php5,999.00.  The cartridges cost Php1599.00 each.
My son Ethan enjoying his new toy.

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