Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zamboanga Freeport Zone

The entrance gate to the Zamboanga Freeport Zone
When in Zamboanga City, the Zamboanga Freeport Zone is one place one can really unwind.  Compared to the congested pools I am used to in Manila, the Zamboanga Freeport Zone offered a spacious venue for picnics, swimming and relaxation.  My sister-in-law rented the Multipurpose Hall for a surprising Php3,000.  It is fully air-conditioned, with 16 beds, 2 bathrooms, a refrigerator, a sofa, a large cooling fan, a couple of monobloc chairs and a magnificent view of the pools and the lake.  The Multipurpose Hall is spacious that a large family or a big group can engage in parlour games even at night.

The Multipurpose Hall

Inside the Multipurpose Hall
We were able to bring in food and drinks so I guess this is allowed but I read a sign that says cooking is strictly prohibited.  I also learned that there is a canteen here somewhere where folks can order food and beverage from.  A hot and cold water dispenser is also available inside the multipurpose hall and water can be ordered from the canteen.
My son and the beds at the Multipurpose Hall
I particularly like the make of these beds provided for guests as there is no worries in getting it wet.
The view from the Multipurpose Hall
It was raining hard the time I took this picture which was why we were indoors.  But in no time, the group went out, rain or no rain to enjoy the pool and the scenery.
Cable car view of the pools
The cable car

My son Ethan enjoying the slide at the large kiddie pool.

The manmade lake where the zipline crosses

The boat casitas at the other side of the lake
I was told by my sister-in-law Paulyn that boating used to be allowed in these waters.  We observed no boats anywhere this time and wonder why they had been removed.
A closer look at the boat casitas

The huts one can rent for picnics
The guesthouse

The pool beside the guesthouse
Ethan having fun at the pool near the guesthouse

The Condotel

The Gamezone where families can engage in a game of billiards or bowling
More kiddie pools at Mar y Monte Resort
This pools is so much like the Watercamp of Imus, Cavite.
Getting into these pools requires an additional Php80.00 we were told.  It is a great place to bring kids because of the cute mushrooms and colorful slides. Still under construction is the giant slide and the lazy river.
More slides!!!

The lazy river still under development.  

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