Monday, December 26, 2011


Since the 14th of December I have already been having a hard time figuring out what to blog about for Christmas.  I caught a cold which eventually turned into a cough and last night I was struggling for breath and had a really bad asthma attack.  Woke up this morning still with wheezes, so I guess we would be spending the day here at home while hubby goes off to work because December 26 was not declared a holiday.  We spent an hour last night researching if there is any announcement of December 26 and January 2 being a holiday, unfortunately wala!

Anyway, here is a photoblog of what went on these past few days with me and my family towards Christmas.

Dec 10 (10am-3pm) - Christmas shopping at Festival Mall, Alabang

Dec 10 (7pm)- Parade of Lights at the MOA.
We had to see this before Ethan's exam week.

Dinner at KFC MOA after the Fireworks.
Uncle Dong's treat!!!  Kita sa pinagbentahan ng yero.

Ethan waiting for his KFC Chicken. Yummy!

Dec 21 - Ethan's school Christmas party

With classmates  Ethan keeping his gift tightly secured.

With friend Kali.  Ready to go home.
Kali led the girls for their presentation while Ethan led the boys.
Sorry no pics for that, I was too busy wrapping prizes for the games.

Ethan test driving his gift from Kris-Kringle .
Dec 22 - Ethan claims his new PSP 3000 from Ninang Kathleen.
Dec 22 - Jay attends the choir's Christmas party and comes home with this cute cupcake
Dec 23 - Ethan plays with other kids during Jay's office Christmas Party

Dec 24 (9am) - Jay and Ethan goes to Duty Free with Uncle Dong and the gang.
Thanks Uncle Dong for these treats!
Dec 24 - While everyone was at Duty Free, took the chance to fix the Christmas tree and take a picture.
Our 2 special Christmas gifts for our unico hijo.

Dec 24 (8pm) - Jay with choirmembers for the 8pm Christmas mass
The Heartstrings Choir during the 8pm Christmas mass.

At the Agustin's residence for Noche Buena
Matthew with the delicious Elar's Lechon

These drinks caused an explosion of the English language during the party.

My niece has earned her fairy wings.
These wings flutter with lights and music .

Ethan and Nimrod tries out the new addition for the train and the airport

A closer look at the Fastlane International Airport from Papa Jay.

December 25 - Nanay Arcing and Nanay Clarita prepared this Thai glutinous rice cake for merienda.

December 25 - The lechon last night is now lechon paksiw.

December 25 - Tito, Creez and Ethan. Just relaxing after the other guests have left.
Still at the Agustin's house, Grabe kami mangapit-bahay ano?

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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  1. na missed ko yung lechon and the fun. Thanks Joyce for posting the photos. It's great to see everyone here.