Friday, December 30, 2011

Takara Tomy Toys

I bought this Takara Tomy train station as a Christmas gift for my son during the Toy Kingdom MOA sale in September.  I failed to blog about it then because I had to strategize a way to purchase it, have it wrapped and hide it from my son who was with me the entire time.  The salesman conspired with me and we got my son to believe that I was leaving the item with him for storage.  The salesman told my son that he still lacked points, the equivalent of 10 perfect scores in school exams for me to be able to claim the gift from Santa Claus.  It was a very effective way to motivate my son into studying well as he indeed aimed to get a perfect score for his exams.  Anyway, with the help of my stepmom, we were able to get the large box into the car without Ethan seeing.  When he saw it in the car we just told him its Tita Nanet's gift for her inaanak's birthday, it just looked the same with his box we were suppose to claim.  We stored the item away successfully until Christmas Day.  Good job to me and Tita Nanet!!!

My son was overjoyed about the toy when he started playing with it.  The Takara Tomy train station is a great toy if you have already started the basic Thomas and Friends train set.   My son has collected quite a number of pieces for his train set already and the train station was a great additional piece.  The station comes with a rotational building that tranports cars to what appears like a parking ramp.  It does not come with the bullet train shown on the box by the way. The train station has sensors so the cars would stop if the train is passing through.  There is also this bell that would ring when the train is coming, much like the real thing.  I personally had a fun time playing with it too when I sat down with my son curious on how the thing works.  I got the toy on 50% discount and found that I certainly got a great deal.  Takara Tomy Toys are expensive but you certainly get your money's worth.  Ethan's next request for his birthday is the Takara Tomy plane which can load 3-4 matchbox vehicles.  Any donors for this toy come May?

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