Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mochi Poochi

Two weeks ago my sister was putting together her group's business plan for her CompSci subject at MaSci.  Its a business plan for "binatikoy" or "binalot na tikoy" (glutinous rice cake or mochi rolled in egg wrapper and deep fried).  Anyway, while my family and I were window shopping at Alabang Town Center that week, we also stumbled upon Mochi Poochi.  Mochi Poochi is glutinous rice cake with ice cream filling or is it the other way around, I can't remember!  Anyway, I did not have second thoughts on giving it a try because it was something new.  I tried out Avokatsu (avocado) and my son tried out Quesumi (cheese).  Both flavors were delicious and filling because of the rice cake.  The other flavors are Mochi Poochi (bubble gum), Choconara (chocolate), Pistokyo (pistachio), Black Ninyja (Black sesame), Matchamoto (green tea), Azuki Kabuki (red bean), Kofichi (Coffee) and Mangosama (mango).  I was so taken by the cute caricature of the flavors and their Japanese sounding names.  Mochi Poochi is Php50.00 a piece, a little on the expensive side according to my husband but its worth it.  Mochi Poochi can be found at ATC's activity center on weekends only.  I recently learned that yogurt flavors are now available.  Check it out!

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