Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My DIY Bazura Bag

Sometime last year, a mom of my son's classmate asked me if I knew anything about making a Bazura bag.  His older son had this project in school and had to make one out of foil packs.  She tried making one herself, but was clearly disappointed with the outcome.  It was also too late for me to help out as the deadline was already within that week.  After that incident I researched on the net if there are any tutorials out there in making a Bazura bag. I found a couple of them, but the blogsite called candywrapperpurse gave me a good step-by-step instructional in making a fashionable bag out of chips wrapper, laundry detergent sachets, foils packs and more.  

It took time for me to learn the process and it also took me about 3 months to collect the materials I needed from our own household waste.  Recently I found time to finish 2 of them and here are photos of how they turned out to be.

Bag made from Downy and Surf packs

Purse made from Nescafe, Tortillos, Nestea and Mushroom gravy packs.
If you want to learn how these bags are made, just click HERE.


  1. How creative... very nice. At ang tiyaga mo ha, galing!:)

  2. Thanks ShawCute! I love working on projects like this cause its actually very relaxing. The problem is what to do with them when I've made quite a number of them already.