Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Xian Lim visits McDonald's Las Piñas

We know Xian Lim as Andy Wu from the Philippine romantic comedy drama television series "My Binondo Girl."  Well, he is now the new local endorser of McDonald's Philippines with his rendition of "Walking on Sunshine" for the McFloat summer Medley tv ad.

Last May 15, McDonald's Las Piñas was privileged to have Xian Lim at their counter, serving refreshments from 1-2pm.  The place was already swarmed with people upon our arrival at 12:30.  My son and I were still able to order the McChicken meal and McNuggets meal and eat before all the action began.

This is a shot a took while gobbling down my McNuggets.  The people were already swarming at the counter.
I wanted to squeeze into that crowd myself but I have a little boy with me that I could not leave behind.

At a towering height of 6'2, the McDonald's counter shrunk at the presence of Xian Lim.
It took awhile before the management was able to control the crowd.
Most were starstruck and forgot that they need to order.
Smiling while taking down orders.
Xian Lim made a lot of girls happy at McDonald's that day with that smile.

At this point, I was ordering our take-outs.
Xian Lim was kind enough to ask if we had extra orders.
Hmmm...he reminds me of Superman in that red McDonald's shirt!

Xian handing over the Sprite McFloat.
Sadly, that was not our order.
The overall experience was great!  I am not the kind of person who goes gaga over a celebrity but I honestly enjoyed this experience.  My son Ethan was with me all the time and he too enjoyed that he was able to see Xian Lim up close.  We were not able to get a picture with him, but that's okay.  How I rate Xian Lim???  He looks better in person for one, he is undoubtedly a star with his height and looks.  We look forward to see more of his projects if there be any in the near future.

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