Friday, May 4, 2012

Freestyle Football and Philip Warren Gertsson

Yesterday at the Ayala Alabang Country Club, the kids of the Alaska Power Camp were introduced to Freestyle football.  The young and handsome Philip Warren Gertsson, Filipino-Norwegian Football Freestyler showed the kids a bit of his tricks up close and personal, on a very casual platform.

My son Ethan with friends and other Alaska Power Campers watching the freestyle football exhibition.

Philip is born to a Filipino Dad and a Norwegian mom.
One of the light moments during his freestyle exhibition
was when an Alaska Power Camper kid proudly commented
that the reason he is so good is that he is half-Filipino!

Philip says he practices freestyle football 6 hours daily at his driveway.

According to Philip he no longer plays football because of a severe knee injury in 2007.  He thus started focusing on freestyle football which has taken him all over the world.  Freestyle football by the way is the art of doing tricks using a football and parts of your body.  There's a lot of fancy juggling and gymnastics involved.

My son and I enjoyed the tricks he did, that goes the same I guess for the rest of the crowd that had a break from the usual afternoon football practice.  Philip was not only very good at ball handling, he was also effective in captivating his audience with his sense of humor and down-to-earth manner of talking.

I read from that he plans to put up a freestyle football clinic at Tondo.  I do hope he puts up a clinic here in the South too, Las Piñas perhaps?!  Check-out for more info and photos of Philip Warren Gertsson.

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