Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eiga Sai: Japan Film Festival 2012

Eiga Sai (Film Festival) 2012 runs from July 5-15 at the Shangri-La Plaza here in Manila, and then it will go to Davao, Cebu and then back here in Manila.

There are 2 films out of the 10 that will be showing in this festival that captured my attention.  First is Colorful which is the only animated film this year.  It is a film about a spirit who is given a second chance at life in a body of a boy who committed suicide. I watched the trailer of this film on YouTube and the detailed animation has captured my heart.  The other film is Villain which is about a woman on a run with a murderer.  My sister was the one who initially took interest in this as I first had my thoughts on Happy Flight (a comedy), but when I had a glimpse of its trailer on YouTube, it looked like a really good film to watch given that the lead actress won an award for portrayal of her role Mitsuyo at the Montreal World Film Festival.

All films in the festival will be shown for FREE!

Click here for the Eiga Sai Flyer and Film Showing Schedules

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