Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unlimited Crispy Pata???!

Photo borrowed
My friend Wyatt posted this and I am just drooling with delight!  Is this for real?  Well, let's wait and see.  This Unlimited Crispy Pata or deep friend pig knuckles with soy-vinegar dip will be coming soon at C2 Classic Cuisine at Greenhills.  C2 I learned is operated by the prestigious Cravings Group, and their head chef is Chef Oliver Gascon.


  1. re-blog ko ha...nakakatuwa, unlimited. dapat may ambulance sila naka-abang dun! LOL!

    1. Ha! Ha! Yun din ang sabi ko when we were discussing it. Dapat naka-alert mga paramedics sa area na yun kung magkataon.