Monday, June 11, 2012

Melodious Babbler in our Neighborhood

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I have long been wanting to write a blog about this wonderful bird, the Melodious Babbler (Malacopteron palawanense)   Although seldom seen, very camera shy when they do show up, these birds give out very beautiful songs.  I would often hear them seemingly serenading me at our bedroom window.  

For awhile I imagined this bird being the size of a dove or a pigeon, with beautiful plumage.  As it turns out, they're tiny birds with olive brown feathers.  They whistle a series of high and low pitch notes alternately, which to me is very beautiful (Just watch the video to see).  I have been trying to capture this magnificent bird in video or photo, but have failed over and over.  Thanks to with their video, I am able to share with you the beauty of this bird that is endemic to our country.

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