Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Greatest Filipino Football Player

Photo credits to www.spot.ph

Long before we went crazy over football with the arrival of Phil and James Younghusband, there was already a Filipino who had become a legend in the field of football; and his name is Paulino Alcantara.

Yup folks!  Paulino Alcantara is a football legend.  He is popular by the moniker given to him "El Romperedes" or "The Net Breaker" after kicking the ball from a 30 yard distance to score a goal for his team and breaking the net.  Beat that!  All this happened in April 30, 1922 during a game between Spain and France.  Alcantara, being half Spanish and half Filipino played for Spain in that match.

Great reads on El Rompe Redes are as follows:
El Rompe Redes- Paulino Alcantara, The Greatest Player of All by John Paul Canonigo
History of Paulino Alcantara by Joey Capones

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