Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dragon Fruit from CDO

We got several of this beautiful dragonfruit among out pasalubong from Cagayan De Oro this week.  The first time I ever tasted dragonfruit was when my husband was still working in a school farm in Cavite.  The variety we had back then was the Hylocereus undatus which has pink skin and white flesh.  It was mildly sweet and the seeds give this crackling sound when eaten.  

The dragonfruit we got from CDO had this dark pink skin and magenta flesh.  It belongs to the variety Hylocereus polyrhizus. The flesh of this variety has this mild fragrant scent but it is not as sweet as the dragonfruit I was used to having.  One also has to be very careful in eating this variety as it can cause quite a stain to your fingers and shirt.  Though the fruit is indeed very colorful and pretty, not everybody in the house liked it.

The dragonfruit may indeed not be as sweet and tasty as an apple or a pear, but it is high in fiber, rich in Vitamin C, and antioxidants.  It is best served chilled.

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