Saturday, October 6, 2012

Agrilink 2012 and Carinderia Fiesta 2 (Part 1 of 2)

Another busy weekend for me, with my little bodyguard tagging along.  Where were we off to?  The Agrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink 2012 at the World Trade Center and the Carinderia Fiesta 2 at the World Trade Center tent.  I was instructed by hubby to gather materials from him at the Agrilink; something he does almost every year if he's around.  This year, we had to do the work for him as he is busy in CDO.  Our initial plan was just to attend Agrilink, but last night my friend Shawcute posted about the Carinderia Fiesta Expo at the WTC tent; so we decided to check that out too.

Since I had my little boy was with me, I decided to make the trip more appealing to him.  I told him we were having an educational field trip.  We were gathering materials for his Papa and if we were lucky, we may see some farm and aquatic animals too.  We got to the WTC grounds around 9:30am and was lucky to still find available parking space as the place was really packed.

The educational field trip buses of Isabela State University

This is a portion of what you'd see of the outdoor exhibits
from the main entrance of the WTC.

First we checked out the outdoor exhibits.  Lo and behold!  Lots of animals were on exhibit this year!  My son's eyes feasted on the sight of an American Brahman, mountain goats, sheep, turkeys, pot bellied pigs, chickens, pigeons, rabbits, ponies, greyhound puppies and more!  It was like going to a petting zoo.

Abalos and Sons Agro-Industrial Corporation
Its at this tent that we were able to see the American Brahman
American Brahman


More goats


Albino peafowls???  I'm not sure...

A pony.  Petrang Kabayo according to Ethan.
We also saw the 1000 finger banana plant which grows up to 8 to 10 feet producing approximately 2 inch 1000 finger bananas.  The plant is for sale at P1,500 a piece.

We also saw this interesting vine-like tomato.  Failed to ask more about this and there was no brochure available.

There were still more to see, I actually wanted to dig deeper into each stall or booth, but the smell of the animals and the heat was already too much for Ethan and he asked if we could go to the exhibits at the air-conditioned area.  So we proceeded to the rest of the venue at the main building.

Registration booth.  Admission is FREE

The exhibit hall entrance.  We stood here awhile because it was still closed.
When we got inside the exhibit hall, we decided to check out all the booths at the right and then work our way towards the left.  We played games at some booths where one can win giveaways like foldable fans, calendars, face towels, shirts, etc.  We were able to win some prizes but not as lucky as my husband who was able to win a 3 layer Mecol multipurpose organizer at the Makina Saka 2012 last July.  Well, that was not what we were here for anyway. We were haapy that there was so much to see and so much to learn!  
At the Farmer's Contact Center booth where one can get lots of agriculture reading materials
if you want to grow certain crops or raise livestock. 

Storm proof-rope framed fish cages

MacPlus booth.  I like the tunnel film idea in growing alugbati.
At this point, my poor overworked 10 megapixel digicam is already starting to malfunction.  I still took pictures but the camera keeps on showing CARD ERROR.  (Shucks!)  That being the case, we decided to check out the Carinderia Expo hoping my camera still has some life left to capture a photo or two.

PART 2 (Carinderia Fiesta 2012)to be continued...

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