Monday, October 8, 2012

Agrilink 2012 and Carinderia Fiesta 2 (Part 2 of 2)

Carinderia Fiesta 2

I have mentioned in part 1 of this blog that my minuscule camera was already malfunctioning, so I do not have as much pictures on the Carinderia Fiesta.  It was such a disappointment since the Carinderia Fiesta Expo had a festive ambiance that is picture worthy.  Anyway, let me share with you what I have captured.

As we entered the tent, the large letters that spelled
There was also a marching band on the right playing fiesta music.

Large colorful balloons adorned the entrance grounds.

After registering, we worked our way through a corridor with pictures of
people and their success stories in the food industry.  

Inside, its like being at a fiesta.  There's food everywhere!  There are also games at the back of the event venue and cooking demo at the main stage.  I learned that there's a cooking competition and a carinderia queen competition.  

People in large groups mostly loitered the event area.  Families, barkadas, students can be seen eating, playing games, or just hanging out. Ethan and I did not stay long.  After trying out San Mig's Chocochino, we decided to leave.  I actually wanted to try some of the food at the venue but decided to pass since my little boy was craving for a Hawaiian Supreme Pan Pizza.

Next stop...Pizza Hut MOA!
`Til next time everyone!

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