Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Little Viking

What had I been preoccupied with the past few days?  It's my son's Halloween costume.  It is not really all about celebrating Halloween, but the fun of dressing up in a costume that excites my little boy.  This year he wants to be a Viking or a Celtic warrior.  It started out when we found this really cool toy sword and Viking headgear at the Megamall sale last weekend. Both were at drop down prices, so I could not resist...we made the purchase.  

Now the problem was the costume itself.  I searched the internet for some DIY ideas hoping I can pull something out from what's already available here at home.  Yep, there was something I could do, but there were still some elements lacking.  When there's a project like this in mind, I can't seem to settle down until I get something working.  We went to the mall to see if there was something that comes close to a Viking warrior, but they only had one for girls...unbelievable!!!  

Anyway, today we went back to the mall again because I figured, why not just buy a ninja costume and work from there, right?!  A ninja costume is basic black, with a couple of add-ons it can work as a viking costume.  Anyway, here's how it turned out to be.  Tadaaaah!  

Note that the brown bib-like thingy he is wearing is made from one of 4 dishtowels I bought from Ace Hardware.  The sword sheath I intended to make out of a synthetic leather material but I could not find any available, so I just settled for scrap fabric lying around the sewing box and some cardboard.  The belt to carry the sword with is made from an old belt I have not been using anymore.  The dragon I borrowed from his Roman Soldier Breastplate.  Here's a closer look at the sword sheath.

So there you have it, a happy little Viking! 

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