Saturday, October 27, 2012

A BowWOW Halloween

Are you a doggy lover?  Well, if you are, you would have enjoyed watching the Bowow-wacky Halloween costume contest at the SM Center Las Piñas yesterday October 27.  The activity area was packed with adorable pooches of all sorts and sizes adorned in their Halloween costumes!  

I have animal dander allergies, my nose starts itching at the sight of a furry animal but I enjoyed this event very much (thanks to Allerta).  We were not able to enter the main stage area because we were not participants in the event, but Ethan and I found a good spot at the side of the stage where we could capture photos of our furry friends just being themselves.  Ethan even had the chance to interact with a few of them, especially the tiny ones that were just so adorable.

Here are some of the photos we were able to take.

These are one of my favorite dog breeds.  Left:  Pomeranian in what appears to be a red Danish costume.
Right:  Siberian Husky dressed up as the wold in granny costume.  its handler is wearing the Red Riding Hood costume.
They were both so cute and adorable.
Captured this really cute moment when they were taking a picture of the Siberian Husky on stage.  She started sniffing on the camera, probably wondering..."is that good enough to eat?"

The tiniest entry is this pup.  Its owner was even kind enough to pose for this photo.  She was not at all intimidated by all the other contestants and proudly presented her pet to the judges and the audience with grace.
They were able to take home some prizes...from a game I think (was not paying attention at that time heheh!)  Anyway, so glad they won some goodies.

This entry was really scary for me.  The heads hanging at the side of the dog were realistic.
Sadly, they were not able to bring home a prize.

And the winners are!!!

This was the most colorful entry.  The handler's Mardi Gras costume even matched the enormous gown the dog was wearing.
This entry was well prepared with all the props that came along with this adorable dachshund that did not fret a bit.  She may have yawned a couple of times, but never once complained.  At first glance of the pile, I actually wondered "Where's the dog?"  Anyway, they won a well deserved 2nd place.

Well prepared entry too.  Fascinated as to how the costume was crafted costume-fit to the dog.  Ang galing!!!  Di rin nag-complain and doggy.  He was well behaved the entire show!
Clap! Clap! Clap!  to the SM Center Las Piñas Management for a successful pre-Halloween activity.

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