Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween at SM Center Las Piñas 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!  As usual, my son decided to join the Halloween activity at SM Center Las Piñas.  Obvious ba na tambayan namin ang SM Center?  October 31 was a blast, terribly exhausting but fun just the same.  

We arrived at SM Center around 2:30pm and realized that we were already late for trick or treating around the mall.  Not to worry cause I already bought Ethan Halloween goodies a couple of days earlier, so he was not really empty handed even though we failed to go around the mall for treats.  

 I was not surprised at all with the large turnout of kids in costumes joining the Halloween costume contest as this was a well publicized event that seems to grow every year.  There were 3 categories to compete in:  cutest, wackiest and the spookiest costume.  A lot of participants in this year's event really took effort in assembling the costumes of the kids.  Compared to last year though, those that entered the spooky category was a notch less terrifying.  And, those that entered the wacky category are impressively wackier this year.  There were a lot of entries for the cute category which made me realize that Ethan needs to level up and leave this category if he intends to join again next year.  If you read my post a few days back, "My Little Viking," you would know that my son wants to be a Viking for Halloween.  Yeah he is cute alright, but his competition is mostly babies still in their diapers who can naturally be cute even without the costume.  Then again, I reminded myself that its not about the competition but the experience and the fun that matters.  Besides, who knows what the judges' concept of cuteness is diba?!  Anyway, my son did not win any prizes.   A Lolita maid, a red hot baby devil and Ghost Princess Perona got away with the prizes for the cute category.  Oh well, competition was tough!!!  All the entries were really great!  Di bale, we had fun naman.

Anyway, here's sharing with you pictures we got from the event.

Batman and Captain America!!!

Orange haired witch and a red hot little devil.
The little devil won 2nd place in the cute category.
One of my favorites, Ghost Princess Perona.
Ang cute niya ano?!
Wake up mommy and baby scarecrow, there's a ghost and a devil behind you!

This baby won 3rd place in the Spookiest Category.
Tiyanak siya diba?!
Mr. Pizza man and Preggy bride who grabbed 3rd and 2nd place in the Wacky category.

The girl who lost her head won 1st place in the Wacky Category.
Walking dead in the audience. Yikes!!!

Even Mommies got to dress up for Halloween!

Aswang and Machete?

Manananggal in the City

My inaanak Andrei as Boy Bubog, walking dead with glass splinters.
Galing ng concept! Love the creativity.

Lady vampire and sleepy scarecrow
The Roman soldier and his mummified victim

Inspired by "The Grudge" and "The Ring"

Zombies are not so scary when they smile!

Zombies in gowns
A pterodactyl and a devil
My Viking and classmate Krizzia
I was expecting my son to present himself on stage like a Barbarian, instead he walked like a king about to give a speech to his people.  Did he become shy all of a sudden?  Yup!  The reason?  Secret...

Summary of winners 
I am writing their characters, not their names kasi di ko naman alam names nila.

Cutest category
1st place - Ghost Princess Perona
2nd place - Red Hot Little Devil
3rd place - Anime maid

Spooky Category
1st place-The Scary Scarecrow
2nd place- Aswang
3rd place- Tiyanak

Wackiest Category
1st place - The girl who lost her head or Baby pugot
2nd place - Mr. Pizza Man
3rd place - Preggy Bride

And, the Ultimate, Mega-winner in my Heart award goes to...

Love you baby!!!

His prize?  
Free movie with popcorn, hotdog sandwich and drinks at SM Southmall as in NOW na!  
Hugs and kisses as needed.


  1. hi ;) its captain america's mom ;) thanks for having us here :p

  2. Cute!!!! i see myself in one of these events 3 years from now. Hahahaha